Now with prizes!


Yes, the monthly painting challenge now has a physical prize to go alongside the kudos and braggin rights that come with being presented the Merit Award. Starting with the March challenge, winners will be eligable to receive an exclusive T-Shirt from the Sheffield Irregulars store – designed especially for this year’s Merit Award winners.

Group Ambassador, and the man behind Britannicus Minature Figure Painting has been a star and is sponsoring this prize.

To win this glorious prize you need to: enter the March painting challenge.

Voting is currently open for the April challenge theme, so why not cast your vote?

When you have completed your entry (before the end of month deadline) you need to add some links to photos of your entry in the relevant thread (it will be called “March painting challenge entries”) on the Facebook group. It would also be nice if you wrote a little something about what you did, how you found it, and what you learnt.

We also request you take WIP (work in progress) photos of your entry whilst you are working on it, and preferably add some to the group – either as links or directly to the photo pool.

We’re all about sharing the knowledge.

One photo will be selected for the voting by an admin. They will add a voting reference letter (maybe “F”, or “C”) to it, and add this to the Sheffield Irregulars account on Facebook. The photo will have a link back to the original photo in it’s description.

These photos will be added to a voting event, where anyone can look at the photos and decide which one meets criterea for that month the best. You are requestion to leave a single vote – but you must comment on WHY you think it deserves to win. This feedback is very important to the whole process.

The winner is the entry with the most votes. They will receive a copy of the photo within the Merit Award template to be added back to the group pool, and as long as they have not won one before, an exclusive t-shirt. This will be posted to them, and will be made especially for them in either a mens or ladies style in any available size.

The winner will be asked to write a short piece on how they painted their entry to share with the group (hence the WIP request). This is optional – but it would be preferred, even without the WIPS, we could all learn from it.


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