Triples@ the Octagon


Triples is a gaming show held every year in Sheffield by the Sheffield Wargames Society. This will be the 29th time the event has been held and it is probably the largest show in the North.

Held over 2 days – Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th April, it looks like it’s going to be a packed weekend for anyone visiting.

Triples is held at the Octagon Centre, Western Bank, Sheffield S10 2TJ.

Sheffield Wargames Society meets on a Wednesday night at the Polish Club, Millennium Hall on Ecclesall Road, Sheffield from 7pm. If you are interested, just turn up, grab a drink and say hello – they’re a reasonably friendly bunch.

A few Irregulars have started going on a Wednesday to have a game. So far there has been a wide variety on offer from Historical, Fantasy and Sci-Fi, including Naval, WWII, Western, Babylon 5 etc.

Triples looks like it’s going to be a good show, there will be a bring and buy – this year under new management. A good way to get shot of some of your grey army that’s never going to get painted and free up some space for some more models!

Black Scorpion and West Wind are two noticeable names for nice minis to paint on the traders list, along with some other really interesting folks, such as Magnetic Displays and Lesley’s Bitz Box and Figures in Comfort.

Plus just spotted a company called Irregular Miniatures on the traders list. NOTHING to do with Sheffield Irregulars the painting group, so please don’t get confused and pester them instead of us.

There will be lots of participation and demonstration games to distract you from shopping, as well as lots of re-enactors wandering about as well as folks from the Lance and Longbow society.

So far, Becky, Jason, Jonathan and Paul (all the way from Newcastle) are definitely going to be at the show. So look out for them and say hi, have a chat about painting, gaming, the group, the magazine or what you had for breakfast if you really think it’s necessary.

Should be lots of fun, look forward to seeing you there

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