Vote for the March challenge entries


Please look closely at the pictures below. These are the entries for the March painting challenge.

The challenge: Paint a miniature from a manufacturer you haven’t tried before

Please vote for the model you think is most interesting and deserves to win the Merit Award.

Entry A
Entry B
Entry C
Entry D
Entry E
Entry F
Entry G

  • Please vote ONCE only
  • Please don’t vote for your own model
  • Please leave comments regarding your vote below. Comments and feedback are really important.
  • Any votes without matching comments recorded on this site will be disqualified.

Voting is now closed – score’s a being tallied.

If you’re still not sure how the voting works, we have already written an easy explanation for you – jump to step 2, as you can use the poll below to cast your vote if you don’t want to use Facebook.

Thank you for voting.

Voting is open for one week only.


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4 Responses to “Vote for the March challenge entries”

  1. Thomas McCart Says:

    My vote goes to G as I like the overall effect of the model, C come a close second for good use of OSL

  2. tak5haka Says:

    Yep, I used the voting tool (above), didn’t like to mention which one just in case it skewed the results. I voted for “C”.

  3. sheffieldirregulars Says:

    Sorry Mark, but did you vote? If you could mention what you voted for in your comments that it will be a counted vote, otherwise it will be discarded!

  4. tak5haka Says:

    Nice work all round, didn’t realise there was still such a range of choice with regard to miniatures.

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