Rule Britannia!


The Rule Britannia painting competition over on the Platoon Britannica forum is running until April 23rd (St Georges day).

  1. Sign up to the Platoon Britannica forum before the deadline.
  2. If you are a Brit, pm Kaine the moderator to get full ‘member’ status.
  3. If you’re not a Brit you can enter the ‘Johnny Foreigner’ category instead. (see below)
  4. Entries must be either a single model or a diorama consisting of no more than 2 minis mounted on the same base.
  5. Submit your entry in picture form with your username to a thread (on the PB site) which will be open close to the deadline.
  6. Take part in the judging – all those signed up to the PB site can vote.

There are no scale or base size restrictions but each entry must have a distinctly “British” theme. (This could mean historical figures, vehicles etc or could be a British influence in a fantasy setting. As long as it looks British then it’s a viable entry.)

1st prize The lucky winner gets to pick any miniature from Kabuki Model’s brand new range of 54mm minis.

Kabuki Models

Kabuki Miniatures

2nd prize A Rackham Mercenary Ogre donated by SystemCrash. (This is a limited edition mini from a now defunct line so it’s bound to be quite rare.)

Rackham Mercenary Ogre

Rackham Mercenary Ogre

3rd prize BigNastyShark has offered us a limited edition GW Harry the Hammer model. (Harry comes sealed in his un-opened spangly silver Warhammer 25th Anniversary box.)

Harry the Hammer

Harry the Hammer

All of the above miniatures will be supplied un assembled and unpainted. The above photos are for demonstration purposes only.

If that wasn’t enough we are also giving away a set of Rosemary & Co. Finest Quality Kolinsky Sable Brushes to one lucky entrant chosen completely at random. Check out their website here

Depending on the postal service we may also have Scott Radom’s “Honourary Canadian” prize for the lowest scoring entry. No idea what this is.

Jonny Foreigner category
This category is only open to non-UK residents and follows all the same rules as the main competition with one important exception. All “Johnny Foreigner” entries must play to whatever stereotypes you ‘orrible lot have of us Brits.

A single prize is available for this category, which may not be as glamorous due to lack of entrants currently (but this could be changed). But will probably involve tasty British snacks – mostly biscuits!

Only one entry per person.

Should be a fun competition, there are some entries posted on the forum already. A good chance to get creative.


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