The best kind of weather…


Members have been beavering away this month on their April Painting Challenge entries. The theme being weathering.

Photo’s will appear next week when the voting starts, but here’s how Alex Riley weathered his metal:

Started with a boltgun metal basecoat, then after this dried painted the whole surface with bestiel brown, then after it had dried slightly i used a sponge to take most of the paint off. I then repeated this. After that I took the sponge (gw blister foam) and randomly dabbed mithril silver over the highest areas. Repeat the bestiel/foam method and when it all looks faily like beaten copper you have the effect. After this if there are any dents/cuts in the metal underline the cut with pure mithril silver.

More tips on how other members painted their entries coming soon…


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One Response to “The best kind of weather…”

  1. Ben Tsai Says:

    THis indeed will help many painters to improve their skills esp newcomers!! Way to Go!!!! and sincerest thank you

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