Caption contest


We had lots of fun at the Warrior Bazaar wargames show in Bolton today – and got this photo of Jonathan Shaw with a Stormtrooper.

And we would love to see what caption you would give this…just for fun 🙂

Some more photos from this morning while it was quiet (the calm before the storm).


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8 Responses to “Caption contest”

  1. John Green Says:

    “you see I told the Emperor the same thing when he built the Death Star…its all in the details”

  2. Konrad Sontag Says:

    See, the armor should be more white, like this…

  3. Adam Balai Says:

    Stupid brush……you say you do this for a living???

  4. Kristof Says:

    Here, let me fix that for you.

  5. Dysartes Says:

    Aren’t you a little dork for a stormtrooper?

  6. Liam T Says:

    For the Emperor!!

  7. Alan Says:

    Only imperial stormtroopers are capable of such accuracy…

  8. Jason Hubbard Says:

    These are not the minis you are looking for……………….

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