Yes, I know May has only just started – but I’m announcing what the June painting challenge is going to be early, so that everyone has time to get hold of a model!

The June (as in June 1st start date) painting challenge will be to paint a Rackham miniature, theme will be “spirit of Rackham style”.

Rackham – makers of the beautiful confrontation minis (among many) has suffered and fallen heavily to the financial crisis and has destroyed the moulds to it’s metal miniatures. They may still continue their pre-painted plastics, but I’m not 100% on that.

But before they disappear forever, and to prevent folks from saying “I never got a chance to paint a Rackham mini” we thought it was a good time to give you all the opportunity.

So you have a month to get hold of a Rackham metal miniature to paint before the June painting challenge starts on June 1st.

You can still get these models, but they are fewer and farther between. Some places have them discounted (yay!), while others are making the most of their current desirability.

There will be an additional prize for the June challenge, which is a Rackham t-shirt kindly donated by Baker Mick’s World of Wargames.
We shared a room with Mick at the Bolton show last week and he offered this prize. (We have one in XL, one in Large).

I’m going to try and get a guest judge to award this extra prize.
The Merit Award judging will be as usual – with the Merit Award t-shirt up for grabs as usual.
This is Baker Mick’s World of Wargames on ebay.
He still has a few Rackham (Confrontation) minis, some with 15% off.

If ordering from him, please mention Sheffield Irregulars in your correspondence, as he’d like to know if a group member is making a purchase.

I’m guessing he will post outside of the UK if needed.

If you can pop in to Patriot Games in Sheffield, they still have a few models left – and a few available on the website.

Also if you’re in Sheffield, Wargames Emporium have a limited stock (but are expecting some more blisters in soon), all with 40% off, which is nice. They are no longer selling these on their website.

Please add links to places you know are reliable and selling Rackham minis to help group members locate these figures.


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