What is Rackham style?


Further to our early announcement of the June painting challenge, we’ve been asking people what they think Rackham style is.

Monkeyman7x from Platoon Britannica had this to say:

The rackham style is well known by all painters with its predominant use of Non Metallic Metal (NMM), there is no other mini company out there that has conquered the use of nmm like Rackham has. But that isn’t the main factor that screams Rackham to me, i believe the attention to detail in its freehand is. This detail ranges from faded check effects for their goblins, to large flowing tattoos found on wolfen. I cant forget to mention the material qualities they try to portray in their painting. Yes we all paint wood to look like wood, but Rackham also paints cloth to look like cloth by adding small details such as cross hatching. The final thing that i would suggest Rackham painters are known for is their mastery of hue changes and colour manipulation. Games workshop might paint a goblin green and leave it at that, whereas Rackham would paint the majority of a goblin green, then completely change the hue or the actual colour around certain areas such as knuckles, noses, ears and cheeks drawing the viewers attention to important areas.

More thoughts from other painters coming soon…


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