New way to vote


For the May painting challenge there will be a new system of voting – so read on!

So here’s how it’s going to work.

All the entries will appear on the Facebook voting event and on this site as usual.

Step 1.

Look at ALL the entries (as usual)

Step 2.

Mark each and every entry out of 20.

How to do this:

  • Mark the entry out of 10 for how well the entry ‘works together visually as a unit
  • Mark the entry out of 10 for style
  • DON’T mark the entry down for not being a game legal unit
  • DON’T mark the entry down for not being technically competent (paint wise)
  • DO mark the entry for creativity, originality and effort.

Step 3.

Post your grades for each and every entry as a comment. (One large comment, not single ones)


A: 6/10 unit, 8/10 style

B: 8/10 unit, 5/10 style

Step 4.

Sit back and relax your work is done.

Piece of cake

Piece of cake

Pretty simple huh?

All the scores will be added together for each entry and an average overall score will be awarded.

The winner of the Merit Award will be the entry with the highest average score.

The idea behind this is that everyone who takes part will get some feedback on their work, and to ensure the award is based on merit not ability.

The Merit Award painting challenges have always been about personal improvement and experimentation, not being the best painter in the world – there are lots of other competitions for that. We think effort should be rewarded.

What do you think?


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