Free wallpaper

Sneak peak at the cover art for issue 1 of Irregular Magazine

Sneak Peak

Irregular Magazine issue 1 is currently in production – but to wet your appetites, cover artist Matt Mella has released a Free desktop wallpaper showing some of the magazine’s cover image. It’s a 1280 x1024 image – so you may need to resize for your desktop.

There’s still some time left to submit an article for issue 1, we’re particularly looking for gaming articles. Please post a comment on this thread or contact Jason Hubbard on Facebook for more info.


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3 Responses to “Free wallpaper”

  1. Tracking Says:

    Nice stuff!
    Can’t wait.

  2. sheffieldirregulars Says:

    This is a free publication – made by gamers and painters for gamers and painters. Everyone is being kind enough to submit work for free – including Matt for this fantastic cover – so it’s definitely going to be free to download.

  3. tak5haka Says:

    What a sweet cover – if the quality of this artwork is reflected throughout the publication it’s going to be a stonker!

    Is this going to be a free publication, or are you charging for it?

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