Shane’s snipers


Shane McElligott painted a unit of Blood Angels snipers for the May painting challenge, below he shares how he did it.

My boys play an urban/cityfight theme so I decided to use Klaus Teschner resin bases, which are really good, and attempt camo for the first time on the Scout cloaks.

As there is so much detail on the bases, I painted those before I started on the scouts. Worked up from a black primer, they were drybrushed with Fortress Grey, then again with 50/50 White/Fortress Grey. Metals were Boltgun Metal, a 50/50 wash of Bedab Black/Brown, highlighted with Mithril Silver and rust effects were done with a 50/50 red/brown wash with MIG weathering powders.

The Scouts were given a white primer (as that helps getting a nice bright red) then pinned to the completed bases. I painted the squad one at a time, can’t do batch painting as it feels like I’m not getting anywhere!

Cloaks were done with a base of Codex Grey, some splashes of black and white, and then to give shadow and depth they were darkened down with some Bedab Black washes. Then 3 highlights of Fortress Grey.

Armour was highlighted with Blazing Orange. Trousers were Bleached Bone and then given a Gryphonne Sepia wash for shadow and definition. The chest eagle was worked up from black with drybrushing Fortress Grey and then 50/50 White/Fortress Grey.

The rifle scope and headgear lenses were done with 3 greens – Dark Angels, Goblin and Scorpian. Then I used old GW green ink, a dot of Skull White and then 3 coats of GW water effects to give the impression of glass (I hope!)

I was pleased with these as I’d tried a few things I’d not done/used before and my eldest son loves them, so job done!

More info from May challenge entrants soon…


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One Response to “Shane’s snipers”

  1. Liam T Says:

    This is awesome! I can now steal all his secrets for myself!

    Informative and helpful, many thanks!

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