Platoon Britannica


Still recovering a little from the weekend, where the Platoon Britannica meet up was held at Warhammer World in Nottingham.

This was the 2nd PB meet up and looks set to have a third next year.

Robin and Ben from PB set up the event to encourage the British painting community to support each other and create a real community dimension to the hobby, especially in the competitive field – where this seems to be lacking (Golden Demon in particular).

With painters coming from all over the country, as far away as Scotland for the event it was really a great meeting of talent. Many people had only ‘met’ previously online, so this was a chance to see both the painter, and their models in real life.

One of the Golden Demon winners from UK last year

One of the Golden Demon winners from UK last year

With Golden Demon, Salute and Conflict winners amongst the company, the atmosphere was surpisingly ego-free, with people giving workshops and ad-hoc demonstrations to other painters, and to members of the public who came over to see what was happening.

Basing workshop

Basing workshop

Sheffield Irregulars were ably represented – although we forgot to get the traditional group photo.

Jason and Becky Hubbard, Alex Garbett, Aaron and George Perkins travelled over from Sheffield, whilst Adam Balai came from nearby in Nottingham, and Alan Morey came over from Chesterfield. Alex Riley arrived from Derby, Sam from Rotherham, Brett came from deep Yorkshire and Ben drove up from Ipswitch, as well as many more members – some who even joined the group after meeting up.

Setting up the display area

Setting up the display area

As usual, we included photos showing work by members unable to make the show. With the event held at Warhammer World, the emphasis was on Games Workshop models, and games. This meant we could display pirates and celts from other manufacturers, alongside the appropriate Games Workshop rule books.

Over the course of the weekend (mostly on the Saturday) there was a 3 hr speed painting challenge, an Imperial Guard painting compeition, air-brush demonstrations, a ‘how to paint rocks with oil paints’ workshop, a couple of different basing workshops, a beginners painting workshop, opportunities to have your models photographed with a light tent, demonstrations on Adobe Photoshop and GIMP software, prepping and pinning, and sculpting workshops and lots, lots more.

It was a really good weekend, and I certainly enjoyed meeting everyone and learnt lots – can’t wait for next year.


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