Games Day Toronto 09


Canadian  SI member Alex Good reports back from the day:

Well, I attended GamesDay Toronto today and the event was pretty good, clearly the reccession had an effect on the quality of the event but overall, not bad. Golden Demon models were amazing and lts of good entries but due to weather the event had a low turn out and that also affected the amount of GD entries, there were less then last years GD. Compared to last years event it was no where even close. The events were smaller and this resulted to you waiting in lines after signing up killing your day. I chose to not take part in any of the events and pay more attention to talking with other painters and those alike. There was alot special guests and a pleasure to met Dan Abnett and had him sign of his books for me. Also there was a blister grab off $5 a piece no matter what and they had everyone crowd around a table and throw the blister into the middle of the table over our heads. It was like starving prisoner fighting over pieces of bread, quite a funny site.
Event Overall – B+

An entrant

An entrant - photo by Alex Good

Another entrant

Another entrant - photo by Alex Good

Apparently an entry by an 11yr old

Apparently an entry by an 11yr old - photo by Alex Good

And here’s a link to some other pictures of the event over at Shifted Matrix.

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