Really useful sculpting resources


Interested in sculpting your own miniatures, or customising your models?

We’ve put together six really useful resources to help you out – and what a list it’s turned out to be!

1. From the Knife’s Edge

54mm Virgin Mary Statue sculpted by James

From the Knife’s Edge is sculptor James Van Shaik’s blog – a site you’ll probably want to bookmark.

2. Toy Cutter

The ToyCutter site has blogged a good amount of sculpting tutorials and articles, covering a variety of mediums and uses, including miniature figures and vinyl toys. Links include:

3. Squidoo


There are loads of ‘lenses’ on this site – tutorials on using polymer clay (Sculpy, Fimo, etc). You may want to bookmark a number of the links below.

4. Mandragore Miniatures

Available in both English and French, the website of sculptor Gaul Goumon is full of fantastic miniatures and detailed tutorials. As the website uses frames I won’t link directly to sections – but the site is not difficult to browse.

  • Gaul has sculpted for some top names, and his gallery is full of fantastic images (Wyrd Miniatures, Fenryll, Reaper Miniatures, Infinity, Dark Sword Miniatures and many more)
  • In the tutorials section you can download PDF’s on how to sculpt: Dragon wings, a 35mm Knight, a 35mm mermaid, and a Mephisto bust.
  • The news section includes photos of WIPS

5. Lyon Studio

Kevin Chenevert has compiled a collection of sculpting articles and tutorials he has found or written, including:

6. The Sculptors Corner

A website for a variety of sculptors -many of them working in large scales. Don’t let the hideous appearance of the website put you off – (you can always turn the page style off in your browser if it helps), they have a great list of links on their tutorials page – and I’m sure the community on the website is equally helpful. Links include:


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3 Responses to “Really useful sculpting resources”

  1. Corrina Kraig Says:

    Hey, I know this is probably somewhat strange to hear, but this post helps me to get through my day, when my coworkers are shouting at me every single waking minute! A few of my friends told me about it but I could not find it for quite a while, so a few days ago I was so happy to finally find it! Me, I don’t blog at all because I simply don’t have the time however I do admire other people’s work. I just had to comment to show my gratitude for your blog and I also wanted to say that way too many bloggers do not get any credit for their excellent work, credit that is, in my opinion well deserved. Given the subject you may not think this is real and maybe even doubt that any person could like it so much, but I honestly want you to continue as you began. It’s great!

  2. sheffieldirregulars Says:

    Just came across this link on Coolminiornot posted by FieldArchy:

    A site with 360 degree views of people in different poses – a really useful site.

  3. sheffieldirregulars Says:

    Just got this great link from corvusminis via Twitter

    A really great article showing how to GS robes, rope, chain, and hair with lots of step by step photos!

    Cheers Corvus

    (You can follow him here:

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