The good, the bad and the sexy


Rebecca Hubbard tells us why she thinks Cowgirls shouldn’t get the blues.

It’s true – cowboys have always been cool – but female miniature figures haven’t always been the toughest.

But that’s all about to change with Wyrd miniatures bringing out it’s Malifaux game real soon. A steampunk – wild west extravaganza, this skirmish wargame is promising to be one of the ranges we’ll all want Santa to be bringing us at Christmas. But we don’t have to wait that long – it’s being released at Gencon!

Starting with The Death Marshals crew, the wild west theme has a strong presence.

Malifaux from Wyrd Miniatures

Malifaux from Wyrd Miniatures

Eagle eyed readers may notice that the Lady Justice figure was sculpted by Gaul Goumon, who’s website Mandragore Miniatures was featured in our recent post – Really useful sculpting resources.

Lady Justice - sculpted by Gaul Goumon for Wyrd Miniatures

Lady Justice - sculpted by Gaul Goumon for Wyrd Miniatures

Gaul also sculpted the lovely Perdita, Ortega Gunslinger model – a character that leads a team of male cowboys in the game!

Perdita, Ortega - sculpted by Gaul Goumon for Wyrd Miniatures

Perdita, Ortega - sculpted by Gaul Goumon for Wyrd Miniatures

And you have to admit, it’s models like this that are proving that wild west women don’t all have to be in frilly dresses or the whorehouse.

And if you like these – Wyrd have got some lovely FREE wallpapers on their website featuring these lovely ladies from The Guild.


The game  – pronounced ‘Mali foe’ – sounds intriguing with it’s blend of miniatures, cards and skirmish rules. It’s blend of characters and strange world, should be enough of a hook for any gamer. I painted my first Wyrd miniature earlier this year – Ramos the Steampunk sorceror for the Wyrd painting contest held by WAMP, and it was an absolute joy. I was lucky enough for the judge to place my entry third – so I won a voucher to spend in the Wyrd store – and the only reason I haven’t bought anything yet is because I just can’t decided what to get – there is so much choice. The models are full of character and often favour the moody lighting that always gets me interested in a model. But I will be getting something soon, it’s a toss up between the Undertaker and the Gravedigger I think – both from the Resurrectionist’s faction.


The great thing about cowboys is the colour scheme you pick doesn’t have to be boring – you can liven up a shirt, or bandana with some checks – or go for something soft and feminine even – like in this artwork from Nuria Peris.

Artwork by Nuria Peris

Artwork by Nuria Peris

Or you could be inspired to paint some flesh tones. (ahem)

Airbrush cowgirl

Airbrush cowgirl

I think you can forget the good, the bad and the ugly – the grizzled rancher, and the dirty poncho – the cowgirls are in town – and they’re here to stay.

Anyone got any cowgirl miniatures they’ve painted and would like to share?


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