Announcing the Golden Imp Awards


I.M.P (Irregular Miniature Paintfest) is the very first Sheffield Irregulars hosted event.

Taking place on Saturday August 29th at Patriot Games in Sheffield, it gives group members and other painters an opportunity to meet up, chat, look at models, take part in workshops, demos and speed painting – and enter the Golden Imp Awards.

The Golden Imp Awards is a miniature figure painting competition.

Bring models with you on the day to enter.

There are 4 categories to enter – and you can enter one or more:

  • Single figure (not mounted)
  • Vehicle
  • Unit (minimum 5 models)
  • Monster

Entries can be from ANY manufacturer, converted, sculpted or adapted as much as you like. (But they won’t necessarily be judged on it!)


There aren’t many, and they’re pretty simple – but pay attention at the back!

  • You must have painted the model entirely yourself
  • The model must have been painted in 2009
  • You can enter each category only once
  • You may enter all categories if you wish
  • Judges decision is final in all things
  • You are responsible for your own miniature during the event. Sheffield Irregulars will take the best care of it they can – but accept no liability for any accidents.


A panel of judges (who will not be allowed to enter these categories) will award 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes in each category – as long as there are at least 4 entries in a category. The prizes awarded will be medals.

REMEMBER – judges will make their decisions based on MERIT, not on the best painted necessarily.

(medals illustrated are not the prizes for the competition)

(medals illustrated are not the prizes for the competition)

Best in show

This prize will be awarded to the entry that wins the public vote.Everyone present on the day can cast a vote for the Best in Show – you cannot vote for you own model.

Judges may enter this part of the competition. As this is an entirely open system – anyone can win!

Miniature display

As well as the Golden Imp Awards there will also be a display of miniatures and we encourage you to bring along something to put on the display. We only ask that what you bring fits into one of the painting challenges that was set during 2009.

You do not need to have actually entered a challenge to display, we’re just using these as themes.

The painting challenges set during 2009 are:

  • FEB: Paint and base a model for competition
  • MAR: Paint a miniature from a manufacturer you haven’t tried before
  • APR: Weathering
  • MAY: Unit (min 5 models that belong together visually, does not need to be game legal)
  • JUN: Spirit of Rackham style – with a Rackham miniature
  • JUL: Hero/Heroine
  • AUG: Swashbuckling

We’d love to see you and your models at I.M.P. Please RSVP via the Facebook event, or by leaving a comment on this post.


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