Build your own paint station


Alex Good has posted another fantastic step by step tutorial on his website – but this time it’s not about painting minis, it’s how to construct your own paint station.
At some point every painter has suffered from inadequate storage solutions, and knows the pain of not being able to find the right pot of paint quickly.

Alex’s simple an ingenious solution will mean you may have to sacrifice a weekend to purchasing the materials and putting it together – but just think of the time you will save when it’s done, not to mention the sheer pride of having an organised workspace that you constructed yourself.

Using nothing more complicated than a hot glue gun and craft knife, Alex will take you through each step by the hand – he even supplies a template plan for you to use to guarantee success* (*no actual guarantee given).

Using the template to cut out all the parts they just need to be assembled in the right way and you too can end up with a paint station like his.

Finished paint station

Finished paint station

Alex’s has been a Golden Demon finalist on many occasions, and his blog site – 40K showcase is a great place to view his latest projects, as well as catch handy tutorials like this one.


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One Response to “Build your own paint station”

  1. Alex Good Says:

    The project took me less then 5 hours to complete start to finish.

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