Cinematic effects


All the latest action movies have cool effects, so why should your tabletop battles miss out?

Flame throwers, muzzle flashes, energy blasts etc. – Armorcast seems to have captured the market for this miniature accessories.

Here is one of the 10 muzzle flashes you get in a pack from Armorcast for $5.50, and it has to be said, it doesn’t look that impressive in the raw metal.

But painted up, and on the models they can look fantastic!

If you ever needed an excuse to practice painting fire, then these could be it.

Bulldog, over on The Painted Dragon, posted these amazing photos of the effects in action.

The Realms of Equinox, also posted up his experiences with the accessories, and used a different colour palette for the fire, showing that traditional red/orange/yellow isn’t always necessary.

But if you are interested in how to paint fire – Hot Lead has got both the theory and practice written up on their site.

Obviously you can make your own – and even put pins through them to create amazing effects – like Victoria Lamb in 2003 with her Fiery Angel Golden Demo entry.

So, who’s inspired by the movies?


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