Fantastic fur references


Painting fur can be hard, may folks stick to the same kinds of colours – an off grey pelt being a common example.

But fur comes in so many different colour – and textures. Just think, you could make a change from painting a flat piece of fabric in the usual manner, and get creative with a fur pattern.

What about deerskin for a change?

deer skin

deer skin is host to some really lovely photos. Just looking at the thumbnails though, you get a real sense of how different tones appear depending on how the hairs are positioned.

rabbit fur

rabbit fur

Here you can see a real range from dark to light fur, and the colours appear in various directions. This seems to be the key to creating a realistic look to thick fur. (not that kind) has a great range of colours in their free fur textures.

What about something more domestic, like a cow? Cow hide is often used to great effect on giants, but I’m not sure why it’s not used more often.

These images link to large textures and are from

The site has an resource of annimal textures, including deer and water buffalo!

water buffalo face fur

Stock.xchng comes to our aid with big cat textures, perfect for those crazy generals with expensive taste.

World Expo 2008

Photograph from World Expo 2008 (Click for more in this gallery)

So why not try something new, practice your freehand skills and make your minis stand out from the crowd?


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