Next 3 challenge themes announced


Thank you all for voting, here are the results of the voting:

  • 3 colour limit – 17% (19 votes)
  • Winter’s touch – 14% (16 votes)
  • Fly the flag – 12% (14 votes)
  • A little light – try some OSL  – 12% (13 votes)
  • Legendary – 11%
  • Battle scars – 11%
  • Camouflage – 10%
  • Beauty and the Beast – 6%
  • Feeling hot! – 4%
  • Diseased – 4%

September painting challenge

This means the September challenge will be 3 colour limit – for this challenge you must paint the model with only 3 pots of paint!

You can help yourself out a bit by choosing your primer carefully, and even pre-shading using a combination of dark and light primers. Picking the 3 pots of paint to use will be the main part of the challenge – think about the various combinations you can get with them.

The finished mini will need to be photographed next to the three pots of paint – and we’d like to see some WIP shots from everyone on this one!

The September challenge starts on Tuesday the 1st of September – so there’s plenty of time to pick a model and select your paint colours in advance – just don’t start yet.

October painting challenge

The October challenge is Winter’s touch. This challenge will start on Thursday 1st October – not any earlier!

Knowing the theme well in advance gives you time to find a suitable mini and a great idea for interpreting this theme – which is nice and open.

November painting challenge

The November challenge is Fly the flag. This challenge will start on Sunday 1st November – not any earlier!

For this challenge I think you may need to include a flag, or have an ingenious interpretation of the theme! There’s lots of time to find an appropriate mini for this though.


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