September painting challenge entries


I know a lot of folks have been having technical issues with Facebook recently. So to make sure you don’t miss out the blog will be covering some of the main group activities, like the September painting challenge! See below for how to submit entries for this month’s challenge.

Theme: 3 colour limit.
Starts: Tuesday 1st September
Deadline: Sunday 27th September, 6pm GMT (London)

For this challenge you must paint the model with only 3 pots of paint!

  • Your spray on primer does not count for one of your 3 pots of paint. You can use pre-shading with your primers if you wish.
  • The base does not have to be painted in the same 3 colours, unless you want to.
  • A Citadel wash counts as one of your 3 pots of paint. Try making your own magic washes instead.
  • Varnish does not count for one of your 3 pots of paint.
  • Vallejo Metal Medium and Vallejo Glaze Medium do not count as part of your 3 pots of paint.
  • You can mix the paints – obviously, we want you to do that!

This month you need to post a photo of your entry posed alongside the 3 pots of paint that you used, so everyone can see them.

You can enter by submitting links to photos of the finished model via the thread on Facebook  – or right here in the comments below.

Please write a short piece about how you found this challenge/what model you painted/how you approached it – etc as well.
Best write ups get posted to this blog!

After the deadline, a vote will be set up for the submitted entries – and the winner will receive the Merit Award trophy!


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2 Responses to “September painting challenge entries”

  1. sheffieldirregulars Says:

    You can now vote for the entries here:

  2. Simon Blakemore Says:

    Here is my entry for the 3 pot challenge

    I decided to use this challenge as an opportunity to experiment away from my usual style so i chose to use the three primary colours. I thought a lot of people would use monochrome and dark/moody schemes so I decided to do something a little different and go for quite a garish colour scheme. My pots were Regal Blue, Blood Red and Golden Yellow, all Citadel Paints.

    I usually work from a black undercoat because I prefer to work up from the shadows but because of my colour choice I used a white undercoat. Unfortunately the spray I used was terrible. The spray was very fluttery and was more like a cloud that the usual jet of paint. The paint seemed to go onto the mini almost dry and left a very rough texture to work over. This was my first time using an Army Painter spray so not sure if they are all like that or if it is just a duff can (any one had similar experiences?)

    My approach meant that I needed to do a lot of paint mixing and use complimentary colours for shading.

    I couldn’t find any putty to fill the base so I decided to leave it black. I might rebase it at a later date (any idea suggestions would be welcome.) The model took about six hours to paint. It was quite challenging and I was often wishing I could use some white to touch up areas where i had been a little sloppy. Im pleased with the final result but I’m sure if I was to attempt it again I could get a much cleaner result.

    Good luck to all who enter

    Simon Blakemore

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