SI meet up at Games Day


At Games Day UK this year we arranged for a quick Sheffield Irregulars meet up, and a good bunch showed up for it. If you didn’t – grrr….

It was nice to shake hands with some folk we’ve only spoken to online before.

The group photo was taken by Paul Edeson and we’re very grateful to him for taking it.

SI meet up at GDUK09

Click the image to see the full size photo

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2 Responses to “SI meet up at Games Day”

  1. Isaac Stovell Says:

    you weren’t all wearing red jumpers! gah!
    I was looking for you all but couldn’t see anyone. in hindsight I see a few faces there that I saw at Games Day but don’t know. ah well.
    the meet-up was at 12:30 anyway, I was having lunch with Dan Abnett and Nik. never mind!

    • sheffieldirregulars Says:

      It was just Becky in a red jumper – Jason, Rob, Jon, Shane and some others were wearing various different sweaters and t-shirts 🙂

      Not to worry – sounds like you had fun anyway. Lunch with Dan Abnett is good excuse!

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