Feedback for the Sept Painting Challenge


The voting has closed. Huge thanks go to all of you who took the time to complete the voting form, and leave comments for the challengers.

As you’ll remember, the September painting challenge was to paint a mini using only 3 pots of paint. The entries in all their glory can be seen on our earlier postΒ Sept Painting Challenge entries.

Every entry has had time, thought and creative effort put into it – a really good show this month. Congrats to you all.

The results of how each entry fared on theme and style – as well as how it ranked overall will be posted later this evening.


We’ve grabbed the comments from the database, so those of you who entered can see your feedback.
Hopefully no one has been too harsh, as SI does have a strict ‘no meanness’ policy.

Entry A – Nurgle SM

*Great use of the three colours – as it looks like more on the model. Colours also work well with the chosen model for that nurgly look.
*Nice use of colour, a good choice of mini for this challenge.
*3 earthy colours used tie in with Nurgle really well. my favourite of the gods and this is a good example of how you can really make a model stand out using the colours that tie it in with a running theme
*Very good job with the colors. You made a good choice in your 3 for that model and they work together very well.
*My favourite! πŸ˜‰
*This is cool, really clean but at the same time dirty a hard effect to get nicely. And the base is awesome too
*A good choice of mini, well executed. Those Nurgle colours choose themselves!
*A good solid go at a tough colour scheme (especially with such restriction on the colours)
*A very competant Nurgle CSM.
*True to Nurgle, and with a very nicely chosen set of paints.
*beautifully painted harbinger of pestilens
*Nice use of the three colours, good job
*Well thought-out colour choice. This doesn’t look like it suffered from a limited pallette.
*Great use of the three colours, you’d think a whole pallete had been used
*because its nurglish!
*3 colours?? wow… top job.

Entry B – Red SM

*I like this termie, but I think you missed a trick by chosing gold. If you’d chosen yellow, you could have got a gold colour by mixing it with the metal and a little bit of red – and you could also have used yellow to mix with the red for a highlight colour. I think I might have used a white undercoat as well, but you’ve made a nice use of the black as shading πŸ™‚
*nice and neat… shame about the base πŸ™‚
*not a lot of work i can see only red n gold
*Nice work, although the choice of colours limited the opportunity for shading a little
*It look pretty good, one tip would be to mix the red and bone and use it to highlight the armour
*Always a fan of the good guys.
*Some metal-red blend would have been nice – and drilling the bolter barrel would have helped immensely in this case.
*An ordinary paint scheme.
*Unfinished basecoats, or at least thats how it looks in the pics, is not a good look.
*missing detail – what happend to the base?….and why no drilling out of gun barrel..o
*didnt give ten for theme as although it was 3 colours i think the terminators need more than 3 to make them stand out. its still a nice model but the glowy eyes are an example of where you could use 3 colours on that alone never mind the whole model so thats where i think it falls down
*The paint on this was little patchy in places and the base wasn’t done, which was why the score wasn’t as high as it could have been. A good choice in mini, the metal was well painted, just needs to remember not to thin the paint to much.
*Good choice of colours – but the red is a little too thin and could be more opaque. More layers would fix this.

Entry C – Mummy

*Great use of colours, esp use of the wash. Bonus points for doing the base in the same colours – wasn’t required, but nicely done.
*This is a simple and well executed piece.
*2 ten outa tens on this one, read the guide to it as well and it just works, model choice was bang on, colours bang on and looking at it you wouldnt know it was only done using 3 colours
*Great job with color choice!
*it looks like its going to jump out at you. i like it…. i dont know why, but i like it!
*I thought the Mummy idea a bit of a cop out at first, but this is so well done I had to change my mind. Great stuff.
*A very well done miniature with good definition of the recesses.
*PErfect example of a 3-colour scheme – nothing to add!
*as good as Boris….Karloff, that is not Boris Becky
*Ultra super awesome, nice job on the shading
*Use of a wash was good.
*Great approach to the theme, well chosen colours and an excellent finish.
*looks like real mummy
*really nicely painted, well executed with 2 colours and a wash πŸ™‚
*Brilliant work. The mummy looks great and the three colours are superb. Nice work using the same three colours on the base as well! My only minor criticism is that the base looks a little sparse, but I’m being picky on an excellent mini!

Entry D – Barbarian

*Skin tones hand hair have come out really well on the barabrian, although the rest of him looks a little washed out and ghostly – maybe even a little chalky. I think this is because you chose a white instead of an off-white for the lightest colour. Still nice mini, and the green on the base is a nice compliment to the mini!
*i dont like to colours
*Good choice of mini and colours. Slightly pale but impressive to have got this with only three colours!
*looks good, nice job with the NMM seeing as you only use 2 colours for it!
*looks grusome and definitely awesome
*A nice paint job.
*I think this figure is really nice, but the figure does need a little more work. The biggest problem are with skin tones, they could be more defined.
*I feel like you picked the right colors but you’ve made this feel a little monotone with such low color saturation.
*nice model but it feels a bit washed out with the white. almost chalky finsih on the model that detracts from it a bit
*Good work
*Good choice of colours, but a difficult model to pick. It doesn’t look very finished in the photo, but this could be too much of the pale colour. Less drybrushing would improve the look here.

Entry E – Beer Belly Necron

*Good choice of colours – a nice rusty appearance
*The necron insanity continues lol
*this was a hard one to rate, painting a necron army myself I know you can use 2 colours and make it look good or equally make it look crap but this one is just ace. I always like the Necron models because they make me giggle. colour was good and it reminded me of the monster from the end of resident evil 2 film
*This one has a good mix of colors.
*Very nice conversion,but those awful legs hampers effort.
*Conversion work is genius…again.
*A very original and unique model here. Excellent to imagination.
*an original idea of a necron that’s been on the grog
*Your necrons always make me laugh
*Impressively bizarre!
*it is a fat necron, but i like it because its nice converted
*John, what can I say? Your imagination is beyond compare! Still, I’ve an emathy for any creature with a beer belly! Nice work on the painting, although I think I’d have liked to have seen a little more purple in there, if you’d mixed more of the red and blue. Base is also a little lacking, being left white, which detracts from the mini a little. Still, can’t help but like the fat old chap, though!

Entry F – Evil Girl

*Great work, really well executed! Not really my thing, but can’t fault it at all!
*I love this!
*Amazing….and the light effects!!
*superb scary feel to it. nice base.. nice πŸ™‚
*cool OSL, and its look like me in the night XD
*Great idea to use a night-time theme to get the best out of the limited pallete
*very cool, I like it
*Grand job this, very characterful – a comic-book style entry done grandly.
*Manages to be creepy without the colours looking too samey.
*Nice effect with the OSL…looks good.
*Nice job on this one. It’s very dark and brooding.
*winner in my opinion. blew me away when i seen it. so simple but works so well. wish i had thought of this. I cant really say enough about how awesome this is and how well i think it works.
*This is really well done, nice use of object source lighting, a nice choice of mini, excellent.
*Stunning piece – beautiful monochrome – great OSL.

Entry G – C’Tan

*Great piece – love the torso – but would like to see more on the lower half, maybe some pale grey highlights just to bring it out.
*Another excellent mini, good choice of both colours and mini, well done.
*You picked the right colors for this model. Your highlights are a bit sharp and could have used some more blending.
*I’m not feeling it [Comment edited]
*Work done on the mini looks impressive, would have been nice to see a closer shot though.
*A very “Scream” take on the Nightbringer, but the lack of colour on the lower half of the model detracts from the overall model to a greater degree than other models.
*Another comic book style – very nice shading, but I’d have added some subtle shades to the lower regions.
*nicely painted, a work of art.
*Now that’s awesome! nice blending you did there
*Nice strong highlighting makes good use of the colours. Cheeky use of the undercoat to get another colour πŸ˜‰
*why the bottom of the mini is not painted? but i like the colours !
*nicely done, cloth could of done with a few highlights πŸ™‚ but with limited colours, very nice πŸ™‚
*Great work on the C’Tan – you’ve really made him look like he’s made from living, flowing metal! He’s just rather let down by his integral base having no attention paid to it. Just a little light drybrushing to pick up the shapes in the base would have brought this mini close to awesome, for me! πŸ™‚

Entry H – Mini Mech

*Great piece, especially for such a little chap! πŸ™‚ I think I’d have liked to see a little more detail on him, but I understand that he wasn’t painted entirely for this comp.
*tiny tiny tiny…. very very nice πŸ™‚
*its too small and its easy to loose but nice painted
*Simple concept very well executed!
*good job for such a little model
*looks like a stone dwarf, nice.
*Simple, small, and very effective – and has the awwwww! factor too πŸ™‚
*Good use of highlighting and commendable precision on such a small model, but uses an uninspired colour scheme.
*Some nice blending involved which makes up for a fairly bland looking mini.
*Why only 4? because of the size… bigger mini means more work, more time what someone mast spend on painting, only base is cool…
*Your colors are a bit too monochrome, you could have used a bit more contrast.
*I like the model, colours worked well. I actually photgraphed this model for Jon as I work with him but I think the model falls down on the size of it. You dont get to show the best you can do with 3 colours but I think he did alot of the size of the . This was hard for me to mark and I almost didnt mark it as I am good friends with him.
*Tiny mini, nice work, you’ll go blind painting this scale if you’re not careful, LOL
*Great colour choices for this model.

Entry i – Armoured Elf

*Nice NMM armour and a lovely skin colour from the limited palette, overall looks like more colours used – which is a credit to the mixing you’ve done.
*I like this one, the style of it makes me think of an Elf Gloem almost. the armour looks like I would imaging Mithril Armour would look like. I was never a fan of Mithril being super shiney and this armour looks like rock almost.
*Good color choice but this one too, is a bit monochrome.
*Beautiful mini but looks like only drybrushed! This mini could look awesome -blended, with this range of colours!
*A very good go at NMM with such a limited pallette.
*Looks very flat.
*not too easy to see the 3rd colour – as a pot, and as applied – due to the lights in the photo maybe?
*a nice dusty look, nicely painted.
*nice, i’m not sure about the face though
*Good use of highlighting on the armour, a very ‘Elric’ look here.
*i can see only drybrushed grey colour on the green grass
*armour looks very nice, nmm? cool. πŸ™‚
*Very nice work on this chap, especially the textures of the highlights on the armour, which gives it a sense of age and use!
I think I’d have liked to have seen a bit more of the brown colour in his flesh, but his base does compliment him nicely! Great work!

Entry J – Infinity mini

*A bold choice of colours that I was too scared to go for! Mini has a nice manga feel to her and has come out really well. Just let down a little by the plain base. I feel she needs something happening on the base to compliment her vibrant colours and dynamic posing. Anyway, really nice mini, I like it! πŸ™‚
*nice and bright.. base is lacking πŸ™‚
*its look like a riangow
*Brave choice to use such bold colours, makes for a very striking mini, although limiting the ability to highlight. Suits the mini.
*Woah! colourful, using the 3 primary colours must of been hard, nice job
*nice, bright colours.
*Ok, too colourful for my tastes, but still deserves a good score for the grand exercise in chromatics!
*Refreshingly colourful demonstrating that a limited palette does not need to be dull.
*Love the fact red, blue and yellow were used. Full marks for theme!
*Top marks for boldness. When the challenge theme came out I wondered if someone would have the guts to use the primary colours.
*Ok i saw rainbow of colours! and its only rainbow of colours on cool looking mini!
*You make up for the monochrome entries.
*nice model, very Eldar and I think the style of the painting ties in with the Harlequin models. The colour choice was very brave and I think that deserves some credit πŸ™‚
*This is nicely done, though I did find the choice of colours a little bright for my tastes.
*Wow – so many colours. Very brave to pick red, yellow and blue. Well done.

Entry K – Dinosaur

*Perfect colour choice, so much character in a small mini.
*This was a great choice in colours and mini, we’ve not had a dino before on Irregulars Challenge, a hippo, but no dino. It was neatly painted, a good use of the three colours and a nice base to finish him off.
*I thought this was a toy to start with, very nice model but compared to the evil girl under the light I cant give it 10/10 sadly. overall this is another excellent model
*Great job.
*With such limited colours, it is done very well! From me 10!
*The clear winner for my money. Three colour skill and subtlety, love it.
*Nice looking dinosaur, really neat paintwork.
*Very good “realistic” colour scheme, but not really imaginative use of coulours.
*Grand job, very nice skinwith subtle colours. Lovely.
* not many people do dinosaurs, and being interested in dinosaurs since I dont know how long is one of the reasons why I like this model.
*that looks very cool, nice job
*Very good choice of colours to suit the chosen mini
*because i like jurasic park, and it looks like a real dinosaur in mini version
*that is superb, quality painting with those three colours πŸ™‚
*Very nice use of your colours. love it
*Brilliant work! πŸ™‚ Dinosaur looks awsome on a nicely balanced base, with realistic looking repilian skin tones, and even though your lightest colour is white, you’ve not overused it, so there is no sense of chalkiness about this chap! Just superb! πŸ™‚

Entry L – Elemental

*Really nice work, especially the use of the same set of colours on the base gives him a really well integrated composistion.
Some of the transitions might have been a bit smoother (especially the red/orange on the base) and I might have been tempted to make the shading and highlights on the mini a little stronger, but he’s still a brilliant mini! πŸ™‚
*looks hot πŸ™‚
*it is man in the fire or what?
*Inspired choice of mini to fit the theme and great work on the base. Slightly more highlighting and shade would have raise the mark still further.
*nice job, a bit to much undercoat showing for me though
*nice and bright, this man of molten magma.
*Some judicious drybrushing would have added greatly to the detail.
*Poor use of colours compared to other entries.
*The black looks out of place to me. I know it’s representing cooler parts of the mini, but feel a dark brown or red would have looked better. A good effort though.
*I really like the variation in textures, especially the glossy shoulder! but the colours, it look like from pokemon!
*I like the idea but I think the fire elemental woudl have worked better for it.
*At first glance this looks quite garish, but this should be looked at in greater detail, because once you get past the colours being bright, its very well painted. It has a great use of colour, the base is simple but effective, some really nice work on this mini, well done.
*Great colour choices for this piece. Some brighter colours in the torso would probably help lift the overpowering black. Good attempt at an entire lava piece – it looks like a complex model.

Just a few hours to wait for the results of who’s won the Merit Award for this challenge.


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