One year old


This week we celebrate our first birthday. Yes, we are just one year old – but what a year it’s been!

Many of you will have read the History of the Irregulars in issue 1 of Irregular Magazine, but we’ve done so much more since then – time for  a quick recap.

October 2008 – After Games Day UK last year, a small group of gamers in Sheffield decided to start a painting group. We met up in the local GW store and had a chat about painting, and things we could do as a group – this included regular challenges. We decided to meet once a month, but chat via Facebook inbetween

Before setting up the Facebook group, a name was required – enter Sheffield Irregulars.

November 2008 – Our second meeting (but first official one as SI). As a few folks outside of Sheffield had joined the FB group, we decided to meet at Warhammer World in Nottingham. Sat in Bugman’s Bar we showed each other finished and WIP minis and had a good old chat.

December 2008 – A painting competition at the local GW store provides a meeting point in Sheffield for some more online members. Jonathan Shaw becomes group Ambassador and invites all his FB friends to join SI.

The very first painting challenge is set – it runs through Dec and Jan, the theme is: vehicle.

Patriot Games offers their store as a regular meeting place for the group.

January 2009 – The first meeting at Patriot Games takes place at the end of the month.  More folks from outside of Sheffield show up, and we have a display table for the Dec challenge entries. Jason Hubbard gives a talk on how to find cheap plinths to display your models on.

After the meeting online it’s suggested we meet for longer, and more regularly, and spend more time painting.

Patriot Games agrees to the group meeting EVERY Sunday from 11 – 4.

Adam Balai wins the painting challenge, but only gets a virtual certificate as their is no prize at this point.

The SI merchandise store is opened online, and members start buying t-shirts. No markup is added to keep prices low.

Winning entry

Winning entry

February 2009 – Second painting challenge set, the theme is: A mini based/displayed for competition.

Design Studio open day at Warhammer World attracts members from all over to meet up.

A minibus is booked to take the local group members to a show in Crewe, where we have a display table. All members attending enter the painting competition.

Setting up the display stand at Crewe

Setting up the display stand at Crewe

A poster for the display stand is purchased, along with some mini Moo cards to help spread the word.

New members join that we met at the show.

The winner of the painting challenge is Tim Cook

Winning entry

Winning entry

March 2009 – The SI blog website is set up to support the members who don’t use Facebook.  A new batch of mini Moo cards is bought with the website address on.

The painting challenge theme is: A mini from a manufacturer you haven’t tried before.

Jonathan Shaw offers to sponsor the Merit Award prize, and an exclusive t-shirt is created.

Tim Cooks wins the painting challenge for the second time and gets the first t-shirt prize.

Winning entry

Winning entry

SI Twitter account starts up – and is linked to the Facebook status as well.

April 2009 – A busy month, first ForgeWorld open day at Warhammer World means another meet up – although the event is a bit disappointing.

Triples is held in Sheffield the same weekend and members seem plentiful wandering round, but really it’s just the new sweaters are easy to spot.

The painting challenge theme is voted to be: Weathering.

The winner is Jason Hubbard, who is delighted with his t-shirt.

Winning entry

Winning entry

The month ends with a train journey to Bolton for the Wargames Bazaar where we have a display table AND a demo table. The display table looks extra funky and the printed cards showing photos of non attending members models are very popular.

Display table at Bolton

Display table at Bolton

May 2009 – Group membership continues to grow, and good feedback from Bolton means the group is getting known in wider circles.

A sneak peak of the cover art for Irregular Magazine is unveiled in the form of a free desktop wallpaper.

The painting challenge theme is: Unit (min 5 models)

A new voting system is started, whereby every model must be graded out of 10 for theme, and out of 10 for style

The winner is Richard Harrison.

Winning Entry

Winning Entry

Another popular entry was Shane McElligott’s snipers.

June 2009 – Big event for the month is the Platoon Britannica weekend at Warhammer World. Painters from all over the country (not just SI members) met up, swapped techniques, ran workshops, and had fun. Sheffield Irregulars had a display table, and members from all over turned up and added to the table.

Setting up the display table

Setting up the display table

The painting challenge theme was: Spirit of Rackham style. This was the only theme to specifiy a manufacturer, with Rackham no longer producing these minis we thought this would be a good idea. Turns out this was the least popular theme, and there were only 4 entries. The two entries not painted by SI admin received a Rackham t-shirt each – provided very generously by Baker Mick’s World of Wargames.

July 2009Irregular Magazine issue 1 was launched and the popularity exceeded all expectations. With many members providing written content, graphics  and photographs, Jason Hubbard and Nick Johnson uncovered some hidden talent.

The painting challenge theme was the exceptionally popular: Hero or Heroine

With the most entries for a challenge yet, this month is important because it marks the entry  of the first crazy necron by John Betts – this one was on a hippo.

The winner was Keith Bevens.

Winning entry

Winning entry

August 2009 – The main event of the month was IMP – Irregular Miniature Paintfest (a name that was arrived at by a lot of group debate). IMP  was a one day painting event held at Patriot Games in Sheffield, and members came from far and wide to take part in the workshops and enter the Golden Imp Awards. A great day was had by all and IMP II will be held (as requested) in 2010.

The painting challenge theme was: Swashbuckling

This month the Merit Award prize changed from being a t-shirt to a fully flegded (although rather small) trophy – still sponsored by Jonathan Shaw.

The winner of the first trophy was Martin Walters.

Winning Entry

Winning Entry

September 2009 – This month the big event was Games Day UK, and once again we hired the minibus to take the local members in comfort to Birmingham

Managed to get a big group photo shot.

SI and friends at Games Day UK

SI and friends at Games Day UK

The painting challenge theme was: 3 colour challenge, where members could only use 3 pots of paint on a mini.

The winner was Mike Schaefer.

Winning Entry

Winning Entry

October 2009 – SI had a demo table at Derby World Wargames, where people could have a go at painting bases, and finding out more about washes and dipping techniques.

The painting challenge theme was: Winter’s touch

Irregular Magazine issue 2 was launched – and had over 1000 downloads on the very first day!

300th member joined the Facebook group.

So there you have it, the first 12 months of SI – it flew by but we crammed a lot in. Just imagine what next year will be like?


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