New challenge themes


You voted, and the results are in.
The painting challenge themes for Dec – March are as follows:

  • December Painting Challenge theme: Silent Night (26% of the votes)
  • February Painting Challenge theme: Duel (20% of the votes)
  • March Painting Challenge theme: After the battle (17% of the votes)

So now you know, you can plan ahead for your entries, but please don’t start painting them just yet!
Remember, each monthly challenge is designed for you to paint in that month.

Our painting challenges are open to all, and are not about ability or technical excellence. They are a chance to try something new, to push yourself, a personal challenge.
As a group, we award marks out of 10 for theme and out of 10 for style for each entry, as well as leaving comments and feedback for the painters. The person with the highest overall score wins the Merit Award trophy, but it’s not about the winning – but about having fun and painting!

I hope you’re inspired by the upcoming themes – remember November’s challenge starts on Sunday November 1st, and the theme for that is Fly the flag.

The October painting challenge ends on Sunday October 25th at 6pm GMT – don’t forget to post your entries to this blog, or to the FB group thread.

We’ll vote for the April – June themes sometime towards the end of Feb.


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