Realistic snow and ice effects


As our October painting challenge, Winter’s touch draws to a close this week (deadline is Sunday Oct 25th), we thought it was time to showcase some of the amazing snow and ice effects SI members have discovered over the past month or so.


Georges snow effect

George's snow effect

First up, George Perkins recommends this formula:

For Snow a mix of filler, PVA and water to make a paste( with a small spot of blue paint). Apply this mix to the base where you want snow. Then sprinkle with baking soda shaking off the extra that didnt stick. Leave for 24 hrs to dry then brush off any other baking soda that got in the wrong place.

Cindy47452 From Flickr:

Photograph by Cindy47452 From Flickr

Adam Balai recommends using Woodland Scenics snow, there’s a handy photo tutorial on CMoN by wrestlerguy21 on how to use it.

An alternative would be Scenic Snow from Deluxe Materials.

Another popular option is to use micro balloons. Wear a mask though – you don’t want to inhale this stuff.

For more details – try the book How to Paint Realistic Military Figures by Lynn Kessler and Don Winar. You can see extracts on-line with this Google books preview.

A really cheap solution found on The Miniatures Page boards came from Mal Wright:

I mix white talcum powder into acrylic white. This can produce a nice thick mixture that will be flat white, but also allows for overhang on rocks etc. I usually purchase a cheap tube of white, then add the talcum powder. Cheap but very effective.


Photograph by Emery_Way from Flickr

Photograph by Emery_Way from Flickr

Ice crystals can be made easily and cheaply with household salt and sugar grains. Sprinkle them onto some gloss medium for a slightly melted look.

A suggestion found on the Reaper Message Boards has a tip for creating an early spring frost look:

…do your base with zap-a-gap, and then spray dullcote on the mini before the glue is dried so it’ll frost

Icicles from Dragon Forge

Icicles from Dragon Forge

For icicles, the best place to go is Dragon Forge, where Jeff sells strips of icicles ready to apply to your mini.

Winter’s touch

We’ve already had lots of fantastic entries for the October painting challenge: Winter’s Touch- but there’s still time to get yours done in you want to join in. Deadline is Sunday October 25th 6pm GMT. Either post a comment with a link to your photos on this site, or to the October painting entries thread on Facebook.


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