Scenery Challenge – with prizes!


Jason is looking for people to accept his scenery challenge.

Photo by Slambo_42 on Flickr

Photo by Slambo_42 on Flickr

This challenge is open to all Sheffield Irregular members – new and old, but if you take part – and want to be up for the prizes you need to follow a few simple rules:

1. If you enter you must take WIP photos and write up how your project goes along the way.

You can either write up in your own discussion thread on Facebook, on your own blog, or submit the finished write up and photos at the end of the project. The finished write ups will form a special article in a future issue of Irregular Magazine.

2. Deadline is January 24th

3. Judging will be by group vote – in a similar way to the Monthly Painting Challenges we run

4. Entry can be any scale, any period

5. Entry can be fully scratch built, or include kit parts – but must be at least part your own creation (ie. not entirely kit parts, even if they are from various kits)

6. Entry can be any size, so go as big as you like

7. Entry must be a scenery piece, suitable for gaming  – not a diorama


1st prize – Dwarven Gate house and Dwarven Tower by Grendel *

2nd prize – Foundry Painting Guide by Kevin Dallimore §

3rd prize – Craters and Barrels by Grendel *

Plus various spot prizes*

* – indicates prizes donated by Xyston/Grendel

§ – indicates prize donated by Jason Hubbard

So are you up for the challenge – 3 months to build your own scenery piece?


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