Feedback for the Oct painting challenge


The voting has closed. I think we have a record number of voters this month. Huge thanks to all those who took the time to vote and comment.

The October challenge theme was: Winter’s Touch, so snow was a common feature on many of the entries.

We had a few first time challengers this month – it’s always good to see new members taking part. I hope you all enjoyed it!

The results of how each entry fared on theme and style – as well as how it ranked overall will be posted later this evening.


We’ve grabbed the comments from the database, so those of you who entered can see your feedback.
Our  strict ‘no meanness’ policy means that comments should be encouraging, or helpful, or questioning. It’s always interesting to see the variety of opinions and reactions to each piece.

Small note – the titles for the models are not necessarily those given by the artists – I have picked them as descriptive to help make the voting form easier to fill in!

Entry A – Dead Marine

  • Nicely done, good use of a dead marine.
  • Spot on with the theme – and a great choice of colours. Love the story
  • Wonderful, and a bit sad too! lovely metal on the eagle.
  • The use of snow here, slowly melting away is really good and really works with the months theme of Winter’s Touch.
  • Awesome paint job but also very nice snow…I like the attention to detail that has been done. Things like the snow on the cross and a few other little bits that you can see here and there. Fantastic!
  • I love this mini! Colour scheme is alright, but what this cross is doing here?
  • Very well done, this is my favorite. I wich i could shade like that.
  • The snow is very white for where it is – an urban ruin, in the aftermath of battle. Mind you, this is something I want to experiment with too.
  • Beautiful….very poignant….and makes me FEEL cold
  • Excellent Pathos
  • Very well done
  • Flawless paint job. Just beautiful. I don’t feel it is quite wintry enough but it’s second best.
  • Very cool, I like the base
  • Very deep photo. Not a lot about the model that I don’t like.
  • Nice entry.  Very quick – are you sure you painted it this month! 😉
  • Painting was very clean but theme could have been more inventive
  • The snow drifted onto the cross is a great touch.

Entry B – Ultramarine with slimy axe

  • Beautiful paintwork and nice work on the base, although the mini itself doesn’t say ‘winter’ to me
  • Great Paint job..but i don’t think that snow on the base was really captured the theme well
  • Very nice – I like the interaction of slime and snow.  Banner is particularly nice, too.
  • Not enough with the main theme of the competition in my opinion.
  • I really like this one, the axe is really good
  • This is a spectacular mini!
  • Very cool effect with the Tyranid Hunter blooded look and snow looks a little too real :S Top notch work
  • I think the Slime touch was good but kinda ruined the theme
  • Fabulous work with the axe
  • Bonus points for the gunk dripping on the snow.
  • I love the slime!
  • A stunning paintjob! Not too keen on the base though…not sure why!! Just don’t seem to like it…still an epic bit of work.
  • Very nice with the blood and gore although I feel it could’ve done with a bit more snow or even frosted armour to go with those blood stains. All the same, Awesome.
  • His face in particular IS good!
  • Lovely paint job, but weak base given the theme.
  • Nice gunk effect on the axe.

Entry C – Valhallan

  • Not sure about the cotton wool, but a good effort at snow effects
  • looks like the German retreat from Russia!
  • I like the smooth shading that painter have going on with this mini. Good color overall, but the eyes look a little wonky O_o
  • An ice worlder, in snow, but not in winter camo? Odd. Not convinced by the random blood, either.
  • Not sure about the red stuff/blood on the snow… nice touch with the photo though to add to the winter theme
  • I like how you did this guy’s face
  • Dont like the fake background as much. Can’t tell what is real and what is not.
  • pic is too dark.  hard to see all the detail.  good work though.  the lighting hurt the score.
  • Nice use of a backdrop, although it does make the figure rather dark and difficult to see too well.  Blood on the snow is a good touch, although a splash or splatter, rather than a broad sweep might have been a touch better.
  • That ‘blood’ was a big mistake:
    1. It just looks wrong as blood.
    2. It brings out the detail of the cotton wool. 😉
  • Good \Paint job, nice photshoping in background good choice of model but theme not truly discoved
  • Nice choice of mini, definitely says ‘wintry’.

Entry D – Valhallan

  • Good to see slushy snow!  Nice work on the camo.
  • nice convertion work on the sniper gun.
  • Good effort, liked the paint job and the idea works
  • I like the way the cammo blends in with the winteriness of the base.
  • This fits the competition perfectly. Love this model!
  • Nice use of whites
  • The camoflage and gun are both a nice touch
  • nice work… cool looking conversion with the weapon… Sniper Flamer with a Night Sight? Nice work whatever the weapon is 🙂
  • Nice use of camouflage – not keen on the rifle, and the green base edging detracts from the winter effect, to my mind.
  • Nice job… i like this converted sniper rifle with scope
  • I like the dirty snow, that was a nice touch

Entry E – Cool Runnings

  • Another bizarre necron entry, LMAO. (in a good way)
  • This is a great looking Necron model, and very well put together,  the cotton wool works well to indicate motion and a working machine, slushing (or hovering at least) through the snow.
  • John I just can’t grasp how active your imagination must be to concoct some these things! Brilliant!
  • necron steampunk! i like this conversion…
  • This has inspired me to try some smoke effects.
  • If Short Circuit and the Cool Runnings bob-sleigh had children…..
  • Neat conversion… I don’t geet the rear pipe breaking through the tail end though but it’s neat looking
  • This one got a chuckle out of me!
  • Whats it supposed to be? Just a little confused by it. Really like the creativity!
  • Don’t get the winter’s touch theme on this one (a bit of white on the base excepting) but I love the well executed VSFness of it!  I hope you’ll understand my low theme, but high style mark!
  • 🙂
  • Weird and wonderful as usual!

Entry F – March from Moscow

  • He looks freezing!  Very effective snow effects.
  • Really liked this entry, would make a great centre piece
  • The first entry so far in which I felt the theme was an essential feature of the piece instead of being ‘pasted on’ at the point of dressing the base.
  • Pretty much perfect in terms of theme and painting style IMHO! 🙂  Top marks, sir!
  • His face has a lot of character, but I don’t feel it expresses the theme strongly.
  • Wow!! Very lifelike! Excellent flesh colouring… one can see the reddened knuckles. Very nice.
  • Stunningly done….that soldier wiil NOT make it back to France
  • Simple, yet very well executed. Really nice diorama
  • I really like the extra effort put into the trees, fence and snow.  Nice job.
  • It´s incredible … incredible good! The only thing I don´t like that much is the face yet the rest is marvellous.
  • I really like this…simple and understated. I can almost feel the winter wind.
  • I love this piece and it really captures the isolation of the soldier as he treks through the snow covered landscape.
  • Grand paintjob there, and beautifully thematic.
  • Fabulous scene, great story, nice painting
  • excelent work, love this one.

Entry G – Carnivean

  • Nice model, not enough theme showing through – some ice on the beast would have been good.
  • The scales are particularly good
  • I think this model could have made to look colder in appearance but a very nice model nonetheless and well painted.
  • An amazing paintjob is the norm for you Richard. I can’t help but feel a bit more work on the base would have really set this off. Still, outstanding work!
  • That’s simply amazing for such beautiful creation. Great work!
  • The best painted by far…absolutely beautiful…but the snow seems like an after-thought
  • looks great
  • Absolutely brilliant. Awesome. However, it doesn’t tie in with the base, IMO.
  • My favourite piece, but poor theme. 😉
  • Great work!!
  • Great Paint job (my favourite by far) but snow on the base doesn’t really reflect the theme very well
  • Beautifully painted but not that wintry apart from the base

Entry H – Destroyed Tank

  • Great choice and a really frosty look to it
  • Strong theme, but not so intrinsic to the piece as the retreat from Moscow. 😉
  • Nice work – although the snow looks a little thin around the tank, and the background you’ve set it against detracts from the theme somewhat.  Still, good work!
  • Fits the challenge perfectly! Cant help not looking at the amazing style the artist used on it. Wouldn’t mind having something like this as a piece of static environment for my gaming table.
  • Very nice conversion work
  • Perfect. The model interacts with its base and strongly portrays a wintry scene. You look at it and immediately envision the scene beyond it.  Simple, but effective. My vote to win. 🙂
  • looks good… i might have had it look like the tank’s paint had been blasted off in the sense of having some of the original colour/markings on the vehicle then doing the rust-orange effect… I’m not quite sure what’s on top of the tank in the same angle as if it’s the crew perhaps some remnant colouring of uniforms… Other than that, I could be completely off my rocker and this tank has been abandoned for years then the complete rusted look is great for it then 🙂
  • Is this a production model or a home made? Cos it’s good, and quite well painted, but it doesn’t really look “Destroyed” …. for me is rusty tank in snow…
  • Another very-in-theme entry – the real German retreat, this time round.
  • Rust colour works well with the sprinkling of snow.

Entry i – Chaos Lord

  • I can see what Rob has tried to do here, though the base lets the mini down.
  • Icicle idea is good – but the base really needs more work for this theme
  • No to sound rude but “Where’s the snow??” The see-through spike-holder I would have rigged up to be either behind the mini or I probably wouldn’t have employed it at all. The skulls on the horn are well done.
  • I like the attempt but it’s just not up to par. It still looks icy though so theme-wise it ties in. 🙂
  • why is their a flying base piece on it?
  • Nice work with the icy blue and white on the miniature.  A different look for a Chaos Lord,but one that can work.  I’d have liked to see the “icicles” at a more jaunty angle, perhaps, and the holes in the base filled before painting.  Still, great progress!
  • Great effort,
  • Interesting idea to tackle the theme through the armour colours, and balanced with some brighter colours on the cloak.  More work on the base would help.

Entry J – Christmas Sophie

  • She must be a bit chilly dressed like that…
  • 🙂
  • Excellent entry!  What more can I say but, beautiful!
  • Just plain creative and awesome.
  • I gave a 6 theme because it is Christmas, but the colors are flat, so the style is lacking.
  • One for the boys? :p
  • LOL Awesome Merry XMas early! Very well done and excellent colouring with the flesh and the red pops too.
  • Nice!
  • Looks like painer had alot of fun with the piece. I see alot of character in the face. I personally would prefer softer (maybe broader) highlights on the flesh parts of the body – but that is me Excellent job.
  • Fun and cheeky, The only one model in this comp that isn’t contemplating the grim nature of winter.
  • Love the whole scene, but it’s almost too big for her. Great idea though.
  • Lovely model nicely painted

Entry K – Penguins

  • Outstanding, Nick has exceeded himself with this challenge, and not a military mini in sight, great stuff.
  • Love the snow – it really looks like it’s melting on the rocks
  • The yellow on the bib is perfect – and it couldn’t get snowier.
  • simple and beautiful, thats why i like it
  • By far the cutest.
  • I love this
  • Very cute and nice job with the colouring
  • Cute! But too simple.
  • Great work on the penguins and the base.  Can’t say much except, marvelous! 🙂
  • Top idea and well done to boot.  Convincing penguin colours.

Entry L – Llamas

  • Where on earth did you get lamas from!?  Nice to see winter tackled without using snow, and the leaves and grasses are excellent!
  • Low theme marks I’m afraid (for obvious reasons), but lovely looking Llamas! Well done!
  • The leaves on the base are a nice touch, but the Llamas are a little dark…
  • Interesting, but I don’t get it. It’s also ‘autumny’
  • The leafs look real… nice work
  • Seemed more like Autumns Touch than winters touch…
  • Just because its winter, doesn’t mean it must snow. Though the young llama confuses me – either very late winter, or a very slow developer 😉
  • I like how you added the leafs to the front, very nice touch.
  • Wery nice idea, beautiful diorama… BUT this is winter snow entry… WHERE IS SNOW coz’ i can’t see any? for me its autumn entry…
  • An intersting and original entry as instead of going for the obvious snow, this highlights Winter’s Touch by the realisation of its ineviatbel coming as the seasons change, with the Llamas (like the rest of nature) preparing for its arrival
  • HOW did you make those leaves? Grand!
  • This is really nicely done but it looks more like an Autumn scence rather than Winter’s Toch, if this was Autumn Touch thn this ould be a front runner.

So that’s all the entries – and all the comments.

Once again, thank you to all the painters who entered, and those that took the time to comment and vote – it really makes a difference to get some feedback.

Results will be posted shortly!


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