Biggest ever online painting competition?


As a member of WAMP, and as a miniature painter, I am delighted to let you all know about this fantastic event organised by Brett Johnson of WAMP.

Over at Wamp we decided for our charity event this year we would think big. So to raise money for Tommy’s a charity that helps prevent miscarriages and stillbirth we created what we believe is the largest online miniature painting contest ever!
We have a prize fund that currently sits at £1550!! and is growing all the time! Best in show winner will receive a prize pot worth over £300 including, cash, miniatures,bases, brushes and store credit at a several suppliers.
You can enter anything you like – the only stipulation is that you auction any entry and donate it to the campaign.
You can enter as many times as you like.
To find out more and see the up to date prize list and categories please visit Little Angels.
Please help support this cause by entering or donating a prize for the contest, putting a link in your forum sigs, even just spreading the word or donating cash – it all helps.

If you can post this announcement where you can forums, your own site etc. maybe you know a company that could help us out too.
If you can help or have any questions then contact me

Some of you may have met Brett at IMP this summer, he won the Best in Show trophy with his beastman entry. He is a dedicated hobbyist, and this is a cause close to his heart.

This painting competition is open to EVERYONE, and it’s not just figures you can enter scenery too! The deadline is Feb 14th 2010, so there is plenty of time to dig out some old models you are happy to part with, or paint up some new ones. YES, that’s right! You can enter OLD models, even if they’ve won prizes in competitions in the past!

Think you’re not good enough? This competition has so many prizes it’s scary! There are random prizes that will be awarded to a lucky few who HAVEN’T won prizes already – there is even a prize for the entry with the lowest auction price!

Can you think of a reason NOT to enter?

It would be awesome to pool resources and see how much Sheffield Irregulars members have raised for this comp – so if you are able to auction models on behalf of others, either online,  or at a real life venue, get in touch!


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