Looking to the future


Last week we had a meeting of local SI members about the group and plans for local events etc.

This post is also available on the FB group discussion wall.

The results of which are, I’d like to introduce our new Events Manager, Cameron Cairney.

Cameron will be responsible for contacting events/shows etc this year and booking us a display/demo table.
As soon as I get a working email address for him, his details will be up on the blog site.

We’ve set up a Google docs folder for events info – and if you are interested in adding to this content please contact me to get you access.

There were also some willing volunteers to create an IMP II events team. IMP was our very successful painting event day held in August, and we’re planning bigger and better for next year.
IMP II Team is: Jason Hubbard, Nick Johnson, Dave Barker and Scott Hibberson

George Perkins, Scott Hibberson and Dave Barker all offered their writing services for the blog site – and the job of author is open to all our online members as well. Please let me know if you are interested.

Nick Johnson was formally welcomed as an administrator for the group. He’s being doing it anyway for some months now, but we thought it was about time it was official.

We also discussed formalising the group so that we’d have a Chairman and Treasurer etc. The idea suggested by Cameron is interesting – but it would affect the group online as well as in Sheffield, so no decision was made.

Please have a serious think about it. I may set up an form to get opinions on the matter, and include advantages and disadvantages.

It was a good meeting, and nice to have a sit down paint free and have a chat about things.

There was a request to have some painting sessions held on a Saturday instead of a Sunday, and Nick is in the process of getting some dates arranged with Patriot Games.

With the local business out the way we’re looking to discuss the future for the online group.

To start, we would like to have an Official Greeter for the group. Someone to welcome new members on the main wall, and guide them in the direction of useful info.

If you check the group on a regular basis this could be the job for you!

I’m also looking for an assistant or two for the painting challenges. Someone who can help me set up the voting events both here and on the blog, as well as assist in the results publishing.
I normally spend around 4 hrs a month doing this, so if someone wants to help out, it would ‘share the load’.

This group is yours, and it’s always been open for people to ask for changes. I think nearly everything that’s been requested over the past 12 months has been put into place.

Please feel free to have your say, and to get involved.


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