Fly the Flag – voting time


The entries are in for the November painting challenge: Fly the Flag.

Please take the time to look at all 12 entries and vote for them on Theme and Style. The entry with the best combined average score will win the Merit Award Trophy, sponsored by Jonathan Shaw of BMF Painting.

Entry A - Ultramarine squad

Entry B - Mounted Colonel

Entry C - Ultramarine Banner Bearer

Entry D - Ostermark Greatswords

Entry E - Sailor Moon Marine

Entry F

Entry F - Union Jack Eldar

Entry G - Dark Angel Banner Bearer

Entry H - Command squad vignette

Entry i - Autarch on jetbike

Entry J - Epic Dreadnaught

Entry K - Dragon

Entry L - Divided we stand

So that’s all the entries A – L. Please take the time to vote using our simple form and then leave a “I’ve voted” comment on this thread.

Please make sure any comments you leave are friendly and helpful. SI has a no meanness policy.

Voting is open till Sunday 6th December 6pm, when the scores will be tallied and the results published on this site.

Thank you.

WARNING: If you vote and do NOT leave a comment to confirm that you have voted, your votes will be deleted.


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2 Responses to “Fly the Flag – voting time”

  1. blitz Says:

    Lots of great builds and dios in this batch. Looking forward to seeing next months entrys.

  2. Ricalope Says:

    I voted! Loving the DA termie….can’t stop looking….

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