Fly the Flag – Feedback


Huge thanks to everyone who took the time to comment whilst voting on the entries for the November painting challenge.

The theme for the November painting challenge was: Fly the Flag and some fantastic entries were produced by painters with a broad range of experience, which was really nice to see.

We also had a record number of voters again, a really great turn out – thank you all for taking the time to get involved.


We’ve grabbed the comments from the database, so those of you who entered can see your feedback.
Our  strict ‘no meanness’ policy means that comments should be encouraging, or helpful, or questioning. It’s always interesting to see the variety of opinions and reactions to each piece, but some comments have been edited or removed altogether.

If you have an issue with any of the feedback, please let me know.

Small note – the titles for the models are not necessarily those given by the artists – I have picked them as descriptive to help make the voting form easier to fill in!

Entry A: Ultramarine squad

  • A nicely painted unit of marines.
  • Nice consistent looking unit with interesting bases. Very tidy painting on the banner.
  • Exceptional free hand on the 2nd Company banner. Was the main armour dry-brushed? I like the bases too.
  • Love the banner, good free hand, also i like the bases!
  • Very nice freehand on the banner. Squad looks very nice overall, though there looks to be a few areas where the paint is a little thick…don’t be afraid to keep thinning your paints if they start drying out on the palette.
  • Excellent entry overall. Made a usually boring army look good with excellent painting techniques. Lots of subtle details that make the overall squad very impressive.
  • would have added more weathering to match the great blue used on the armour
  • love the way the hi-lighting was done
  • Very good free hand, i like the bases and the red chainswords… but i’m not sure that your minis are blended or drybrushed.
  • Big fan of beaked helmets; very good and nice bases too
  • Excellent use of shading although not quite ULTRAMARINY (is that a word) a bit gritty for them
  • The banner is painted well, and the squad has a nice action pose.
  • Grand job – the Ultras are made for bearing banners.
  • Freehand on the banner is pretty impressive. Nice basing too.
  • I’ve got to question the practicality of jump pack + banner – however, the paint job is nicely executed, and it is good to see touches in there such as bolt/plasma pistol barrels being drilled out, which I feel always improves the look of the model.
  • Well in color and details, with movement and suitable shades, I like much.
  • Very subtle, I like these a lot.
  • like the banner really nicely done 🙂 well done.
  • Nice crisp paint job on the models
  • Nice, cohesive squad with a great banner!

Entry B: Mounted Colonel

  • very neat paint job, needs a tad more shading to make it come alive, base needs finishing, good job overall.
  • Not bad, but the use of some washes would help it look better – on the metals in particular. The flag looks a bit drab, and some brighter colours on the detailing (such as the star/halo) would have helped it pop a bit more.
  • Very neat, I think it would benefit from a bit more highlighting. It seems a little flat.
  • Needs a little more detail paint, but the concept is a nice one.
  • The Flag looks nice (worn like a cavalry flag should look after combat) the braiding reminds me of my bootcamp days…
  • Skin tone very nice. Flag not very colourful unless that’s the Regiment’s colours…
  • I like this mini coz it very good conversion, but the banner looks like been only basecoated, you could use lighter colours or washes to give it a little bit bore contrast, or try 3 layers painting technique.
  • i miss rough riders so this makes me happy
  • there’s a feeling of motion about this piece that I like, with the flag billowing out as the colonel rides along.
  • Wonderfully converted miniature with a lot of character.
  • Really fits the theme but feels a little flat colourwise.
  • I like this conversion. Banner is well done.
  • Very tidy. I feel that the whole model could do with some more shading. I think the banner needs highlighting and maybe a clearer photo (banner in focus). Also it would be nice to see this model based, which i hope you would do as it is a nicely painted model.
  • Tidy painting, but really needs basework done. The eye on the horse proves you can paint detail so I would try to add more details to your future projects – I think you’d do it well.
  • A cleanly painted guardsman, could do with some additional shading and highlights.
  • good paint job on the horse would have been better if the neck of the horse was filled and smoothed
  • Nicely painted entry. Would like even better with a little more in the way of shading and highlights 🙂

Entry C: Ultramarine Banner Bearer

  • Nice freehand work on the banner, though it is a banner and not a flag, sorry to be picky.
  • Great use of minimal colour has made this very detailed model work. Lovely highlights and shading on the cloak. Good job on the freehand text.
  • Exceptional free hand. The banner is very adorned which is complemented by a great paint job. I feel that the highlight placements are spot on but could be smoother. Once again, the writing on the banner is amazing.
  • I love this mini, very good hihglight, i like the details and awesome painted coat!
  • Another great take on an otherwise boring army. Well highlighted and tastefully completed.
  • great freehand!
  • hi-lights are sick
  • Beautiful highlighting
  • i like the coat on this mini, is cool painted and very good highlighted.
  • i like this mini, very good idea, but it looks a little bit too blur on this picture.
  • Wow. Outstanding.
  • ummm wow. Nuff said
  • This is painted very well.
  • Brilliant.
  • Well painted with good detailing. Freehand on the banner is good.
  • For me the best is this, rich in details, movement, color, I like everything.
  • that banner is spot on, mini has been done to a very high standard. well done.
  • exallent free hand on the banner
  • Great work, very nicely painted miniature.  My only criticism is that the blue fabric of the banner is highlight the same as the blue of his armour – which makes the texture of the banner fabric look rather unreal!  Rest of the banner is awesome, though!

Entry D: Ostermark Greatswords

  • nice job, could of done with a better pic of the flag 🙂
  • Onlooker that what I like is the flag, though the figures not esten very worn out and they are seen by very uniform, dark and sad colors, unlike the flag, that if I like the color and style.
  • Not the best picture of this entry, unfortunately – would’ve worked better as a portrait shot, with the banner-bearer front & centre. What I can see of the banner looks good, and I’m impressed by the freehand work.
  • It’s a little hard to tell from the pictures but the banner looks pretty good. Some of the armour looks like it could use a bit of shading and highlighting.
  • Tthe quartered banner is an idea I’ll borrow.
  • i like the french symbol on the flag, but your minis could be look better with little add of ogryn flesh wash fallowed with badab black wash.
  • good models, glad to see fantasy hasn’t been forgotten
  • Good choice of miniatures and a very well completed flag.
  • Like the effort given to the freehand, armour looks nice too. Keep practicing with the fleshtones.
  • Cool idea with the french symbol on the banner.
  • Good to see a fantasy entry as contests are usually flooded with sci-fi. I feel you should have placed the standard bearer in the middle of the shot as it would make sense seeing as its a fly the flag contest. The freehand is very good, especially the Fleur de lys!
  • Would have been nice to see these based as it would have tied them together more. Lovely work on the banner. Freehand writing is excellent.
  • There is some nice freehand work on the flag, but its let down by the lack of basing on the minis.
  • the armour looks good
  • Banner is brilliant.  Minis are great, but they would benefit from a bit more work being put into ther base.

Entry E: Sailor Moon Marine

  • I love the freehand and the style for this guy, having seen the rest of the army he belongs to, its really cool. Excellent work, and I love the colour scheme.
  • Beautiful work on the flag, the model doesn’t seem to match it for detail though and looks a bit flatter in comparison. A colour scheme that really stands out.
  • love them.  i saw pics of the entire army.  you had alot of fun making them.  great work.
  • I’m stunned by the quality of the painting. Although the picture on the banner is something of a novelty it has definitely been well executed. Who says miniature painting can’t be fun? How was the banner painted, was it penciled then painted? Was it with oils?
  • Prefer the darker side of anime myself but a stunning paintjob overall! Marvellous shading and freehand skill.
  • This makes my eyes bleed with it’s garishness but I appreciate the boldness of the entry. Well painted with some great techniques used. A very unique entry indeed.
  • An Awesome piece, that flag and pole are amazing.
  • Disturbing, I love it!!!
  • The banner is amazing….very anime!
  • ok i saw how you was painting this mini, i fall in love, and the lad on banner it really looks like he’s from sailor moon cartoons!
  • “Sailor Moon” Awesome 😀 Very nice with the Purple and the blending.
  • The banner is brilliantly painted!
  • This isn’t a sailor moon marine, it’s a pretty marine, the arch-nemesis of the Angry marines.
  • Stunning work!
  • Lovely. Very neat, great highlighting and love the colour scheme.
  • Very impressive freehand work.
  • Very original, quite nice.
  • This one is an excellent sample of transforming with imagination a miniature that does not have anything to see with the sample that offers generally warhammer. It is marvellous, from the pedestal, the colors of the armor, the lights of the lion, and the very original flag will it be a chrome?
  • nice flag, is that freehand? very good 🙂
  • pritty banner well exercuted.
  • Just brilliant! 🙂  Great mini and Awesome flag!

Entry F Entry F: Union Jack Eldar

  • nice to see a GB theme 🙂 cool 🙂
  • It is very nice the combination of colors, but the flag and the altar frontal I do not see it polished, because of it him under points.
  • Very well painted, loving the Union Jacks in particular.
  • Reminds me of Mini Coopers, for some reason. On the freehand, it might be worth lightly pencilling the design in before starting (a propelling pencing a 0.5mm lead) to make the finish more even.
  • Good idea, the freehand just needs a little practise.
  • Very ambitious! I’d never have the guts to try a UJ.
  • I like the freehand stuff I am still working on getting my hand steady also (my new “crab claws with magnifier” helps alot
  • I like the idea of union jack on this mini, but you mast still work on your free hand…
  • love the theme
  • Very patriotic entrance here. Managed to ‘fly the flag’ on a mini that you don’t usually associate with banner bearing. Well played.
  • Really like the idea behind this one, but it’s marred by poor execution. Lines are not straight on the union jack and colours are patchy…keep practicing those brush skills.
  • I very like this idea of union jack on this mini! But u should practice your free hand!
  • Good to see another fun entry, nothing wrong with a bit patriotism either. The theme is very good although unbelievable, ha ha. I think it is a great attempt but lacking in neatness, something which will only get better with patience and practice.
  • He really is ‘flying the flag’ lol.  Brave attempt at the freehand which works well. The straight line down the helmet lines up perfectly with the flag at the front of the bike, which is a lovely details. More practice will make you less shaky.
  • This is a big improvement, you’re getting better with each challenge. You should practice learning a new technique, each month.
  • nice idear i like the patriotic theme
  • Great idea, nicely executed.  I think I might have to make a few of these for myself! 🙂 The flag could have been painted a little neater, though, and if compared to a pic of a real union flag, some of the white diagonals are larger on one side of the red than the other. I would suggest a source pic to work from next time – but I still love this Eldar!! 😀

Entry G: Dark Angel Banner Bearer

  • This is n excellent piece, though its more a banner than a flag, but the banner is outstanding, nice work. I’d love to see the army that this dude belongs to.
  • Amazing piece – love the colour scheme, flag is outstanding.
  • beautiful work.  i love the patina of the statues the freehand banner is great, one of the best DA models i’ve seen.
  • Wow, this Deathwing terminator is amazing! The attention to detail is great – Verdigris on the bronze statue is extremely well done. The armour has been weathered to perfection and the face is just stunning. The banner is incredible. My personal favourite.
  • Nothing short of epic!
  • Beautiful styling on this mini and just oozes character.
  • this one is nuts
  • Just perfect paintjob!
  • Very inspiring….I would follow HIM into battle!
  • AWESOME mini! i love the colours! i love the battle damage! i love the banner!
  • Wow!! Awesome work
  • I WANT THIS … That is AWESOME… ah yeah … settle down LOL very well done…
  • Duuuude! This is friggin’ awthum!
  • Exceptionally well painted. I especially love the grime and aging on the brass iconography.
  • The freehand on the banner is incredible.
  • Excellent in every aspect. I wish I was this good.
  • Very achieved in colors, the very nice flag, the head has very good color and great variety of details in the body, also I like the pedestal
  • awesome job, banner is quality 🙂
  • very well painted, i like how the baseing spills over the edge nice touch
  • Superb! 😀 Awesome banner and minis!  Love the verdigris on the statue!

Entry H: Command squad vignette

  • cant fault this mini, base and theme are very cool. love it 🙂
  • He does not lack details it  is brilliant(genial) for all sides at that you it look, of above to below and 360 degrees.
  • Very nicely done. Different style, original.
  • Stands head and shoulders above all the other entries….
  • Great atmosphere, nicely painted.
  • Grand concept, this.
  • Really good looking, I like the diorama feel of the model. Would be a perfect 10 if it had a bit of a light source.
  • This one has a nice story to it–brilliant all-around!
  • I think this mini is one of the best in this event…
  • like for me this mini is a winner… and i wan this mini for my collection!
  • Really evokes the spirit of the challenge for me. There’s a real sense of the troopers’ pride in the ‘colours’ plus the whole scene is beautifully painted.
  • Excellent!
  • wow just wow
  • This is brilliantly put together and painted, and makes good use of the theme to introduce a story element to the entire piece. Good job.
  • Definately my favourite out of the selection. Not only is it well made and painted but it tells a story while keeping it subtle.
  • I really like this vignette. Solid paintjob and very nice modelling skills.
  • This entry has a nice dynamic feel to it, although only being small diorama. There’s a lot of detail to be seen here. The servo skull is a nice touch and the base is excellent!
  • Love the story with this, clearly a lot of thought has gone into it. Very nice freehand lettering.
  • This is a great little vignette, some nice details, would look great as part of an army.
  • nice diarma well painted flag
  • Awesome painting on this little scene – love all the little details and the flag is nicely detailed, too!

Entry i: Autarch on Jetbike

  • A good effort I like the metallic red, the problem with the picture was I couldn’t see the flags very well.
  • The flag isn’t really strong enough to carry the theme, but the decals are very tidy and well applied. It make be worth adding a little paint to blend the edges back in later on, and spending more time on the face would have helped here as it’s really the focal point. Good effort.
  • I think this entry could do with a better photo, as the lighting/focus is bad. It would be good to see the flags at the back of the jetbike too as I can barely make them out.
  • A strange choice for colour…I think I like it (it’s damn brave at any rate 🙂 ). It would have benefited from a little more colour variation between the rider and the bike…he seems to blend in a bit there.
  • i like the sense of motion it gives
  • i see that u was trying nmm technique, but on this picture i cant see it wery well but, u did good job…
  • i like the colours of this mini…
  • Neat Candy Apple Reddish Orange metallic effect
  • Looks like it could do with a little more highlighting, but it’s hard to tell with red sometimes! Needs more focus on the banners to fit the theme a little better too.
  • bit more shading would make this mini look cool 🙂
  • the model would look much better with a wash but nice idear
  • I think the photograph lets this mini down a little.  I suspect its a rather better looking miniature in real life!!

Entry J: Epic Dreadnought

  • for the scale of it, its really good 🙂
  • I miss epic! Good idea and well executed on such a small model.
  • Not bad for the scale, I’m impressed.
  • Considering this is an epic mini, great work on painting this!
  • Nice especially for such a small scale … I like the bursting through the walls bit
  • its cute dreadnought, but banner it too small like for this entry, only base look very nice
  • sorry but on this mini i like only base…
  • loving the classic mini
  • Great paint job on an awkward mini.
  • I can sympathize with the eyestrain that must have been suffered painting this guy. I remember painting epic minis oh so long ago :). A good effort, though a simpler banner would have probably been more effective in the long run.
  • Sweet mini but the banner is a little to small…
  • Being an ‘epic’ scale, this must have been rather tricky to pull off. I salute you for the freehand on the banner. How tall is this exactly?
  • Not really selling me the theme, but a flag this small and you’ve painted freehand on it!?! Wow. I think a smaller scale of rock would help for this size of model as well. Always nice to see stuff smaller than 28mm.
  • Excellent to see old school GW, in the form of epic, but what no Necrons.
  • well exercuted especialy because this is done on such a small model
  • Nicely painted little mini.  Flag is great, too – especially considered the size of this flag! Love this chap!

Entry K: Dragon

  • I like the idea of this, as in St.George didn’t defeat the Dragon. Nicely painted dragon, but the burnt flag didn’t quite work, nice idea.
  • The dragon is painted well but i can’t quite get whats going on here. Is the dragon burning the flag or is that mud? At the bottom it looks like the ground has been torched? Lovely green’s on the dragon though.
  • Dragon! I love DRAGONS! And this one is very good painted, but the mud on the frag is little bit to wet…
  • A novel twist on the theme! The whole thing looks very good, but the damage to the flag looks more like soiling than charring. And I don’t know if it’s just me but comedy smoking boots would have been much better than a shield! Still very nice and it’s unique take on the theme is amusing.
  • A humourous entry completed with great skill. Tells a great story witout assuming too much.
  • Very well done, although at first look, you can easily miss the shield in this picture and therefore miss a good part of the story you’re trying to tell here.
  • poor elfy!
  • love dragons pose. looks very in motion
  • I would have scored this much higher if St George had been holding the banner….I’m imagining that in my head and it looks epic!
  • DRAGON! I love DRAGONS! You did very good job with this mini, i saw more pics of this monster! Your painting skills are wery good, but you could paint better the flag coz it dont match to this cool looking dragon…
  • i want this dragon, this mini look beautiful!
  • Love the scorching on the flag… although the placement seems off…
  • This one got a chuckle out of me. I love how the dragon looks walking. 😀
  • Scales are well done, other than that, not very impressive.
  • Grand idea, this has to be my favourite entry – definitely the most original 🙂  And that dragon IS a lovely chap.
  • Great idea and looks pretty well painted.
  • Ah, the Fry the Flag entry – still reckon the flag should’ve been a Welsh one, though. Nice work on the scorch/char marks
  • Very nicely done, I like the pose of the dragon esspecially. The burning on the flag is also very effective.
  • I adore the dragoons, and this special moment in which it, burns a flag is marvellous, very good.
  • loving the St George theme here, very nice 🙂
  • well done on the flag and well painted and baced
  • Very nice!  Love the dirty detail on the flag and the dragon looks really very nicely painted!!

Entry L: Divided we stand

  • nice little squad and great themed base, cool 🙂
  • Very dark and subdued(switched off), do not be if it is the photo.
  • Bonus points for the use of a traffic cone. They get everywhere, don’t they?
  • It’s hard to tell as the photo is so dark. They look well painted, the banner looks a little plain.
  • Very nice colour set, and the dark broody banner fits in perfectly.
  • Like the idea, but the photo quality isn’t very clear. Could be better.
  • This is really cool!
  • chaos, i hate chaos coz the r killing ppl in the name of false gods! but i love the banner and elisian converted mini
  • Cool conversions, those minis r look very very evil! and they are very good painted also traitors banner is cool!
  • I really like this but the pic quality is dragging the mark down (even after looking at the ‘original’) but I love the whole theme of it…..DEATH TO THE FALSE EMPEROR!
  • chaos is always good
  • couldn’t see the details too well, I would try posting your pics somewhere that allows large pictures and link it.  Cool pylon btw.
  • Looks the part but can’t make out much due to the photo…scores an arbitrary seven because of this. (I just can’t see much I’m afraid)
  • Awesome conversions! Cool base! And this banner is really matching to those minis!
  • The theme is there and the whole feel of the model is great. The base is very good! I would like to be able to see more detail though (photo quality) and it would be nice to see some more detail on the banner/flag itself (more freehand etc).
  • Really like the way they’re displayed, although confused by the road cone. Banner is very simple, which I think works well here.
  • Nice little vignette, though the flag could have had more freehand work.
  • love the flag and the bace
  • Nice work on the whole unit.  really like the scenic base that brings them all together nicely!

We’re really proud of everyone who enters the painting challenges – it’s not easy to put your work up in front of people, especially when they’re going to be judging it, and the pieces this month show a real commitment to the challenge.

Results will be posted shortly.


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