Fly the Flag – the Results


The winner of this month’s Merit Award will now be revealed…

The scoring works like this, voters mark each entry (except their own) out of 10 for theme  (Fly the Flag) and style. These scores are added together and divided by the number of voters to create a total, average score. The highest score wins the Merit Award trophy, sponsored by Jonathan Shaw of BMF painting.

In reverse order, here are the results:

  • Entry i – Autuarch on jetbike               10.13
  • Entry F – Union Jack Eldar                  10.45
  • Entry J – Epic Dreadnaught                 11.41
  • Entry B – Mounted Colonel                  11.56
  • Entry D – Ostermark Greatswords     11.67

Highly commended entries:

  • Entry L – Divided we stand                   13.73
  • Entry K – Dragon                                    13.91
  • Entry A – Ultramarine Squad               14.15
  • Entry E – Sailor Moon Marine             15.32

Top 3:

  • Entry C – Ultramarine Banner Bearer         15.56  (3rd)
  • Entry H – Command squad vignette           16.54  (2nd)
  • Entry G – Dark Angel Banner Bearer          16.93  (1st)

That was really close, and some really high scores given out as well.

So the winner of the October painting challenge is Krystian Krawczynski with his Dark Angel Banner Bearer entry. Congratulations to Krystian! Get in touch with your details and the Merit Award trophy will be winging it’s way to you (hopefully before Christmas).

Entry G – winner of the November 09 Painting Challenge

Thank you to everyone who entered, and to those that voted. Some fantastic entries, great work all of you.

Below are the breakdowns for scores for theme and style.

Theme, in reverse order:

  • Entry i – Autarch on Jetbike                        5.28
  • Entry J – Epic Dreadnaught                        5.89
  • Entry F – Union Jack Eldar                         5.89
  • Entry D – Ostermark Greatswords            6.17
  • Entry B – Mounted Colonel                         6.39
  • Entry L  – Divided we stand                        7.04
  • Entry K – Dragon                                           7.08
  • Entry A – Ultramarine squad                      7.08
  • Entry E – Sailor Moon Marine                    7.47
  • Entry C – Ultramarine Banner Bearer       7.78 (3rd)
  • Entry G – Dark Angel Banner Bearer        8.17 (2nd)
  • Entry H – Command squad vignette         8.30  (1st)

Style, in reverse order:

  • Entry F – Union Jack Eldar                     4.56
  • Entry i – Autarch on Jetbike                    4.84
  • Entry B – Mounted Colonel                      5.17
  • Entry D – Ostermark Greatswords         5.50
  • Entry J – Epic Dreadnaught                     5.52
  • Entry L – Divided we stand                      6.69
  • Entry K – Dragon                                        6.82
  • Entry A – Ultramarine Squad                   7.06
  • Entry C – Ultramarine Banner Bearer    7.78
  • Entry E – Sailor Moon Marine                 7.84 (3rd)
  • Entry H – Command Squad Vignette     8.23 (2nd)
  • Entry G – Dark Angel Banner Bearer     8.76 (1st)

I hope no one feels disheartened by their scores – in fact the entries in 11th and 12th places both scored 10’s on theme!

Can’t wait to see the entries for the next challenge. the theme for which is Silent Night.


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3 Responses to “Fly the Flag – the Results”

  1. Brian Dorricott Says:

    I was honored just to enter (I got LAST LOL) but is where I expected to be… I voted for the Deathwing Standard Bearer… I thought it was AMAZING I only hope I can continue to improve and with this standard to help me I know I only can do so…

    • sheffieldirregulars Says:

      Brian – it was great that you entered, and you got some great votes and hopefully some useful feedback. The more you enter the better you’ll get, it’s been lovely to see how much other member’s work as improved each month. Glad you enjoyed the challenge.

  2. Ricalope Says:

    the deathwing standard is superb! I am glad it won!

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