Gladiators ready….?


SI member Klaus Teschner, is the man behind Brutal, the new post apocalyptic gladiatorial combat board game.

The minis have been sculpted by Aragorn Marks and look pretty mean – perfect for the game, and you can buy them directly from the Dark Art Miniatures website, as well as from other suppliers (like CMoN).

The year is 8000 in the post apocalyptic world of Perspicuus Gemma (bright gem). What was a world of beauty has been replaced with wasteland and twisted metal. Destroyed cities have given birth to new way of life. Most of the human-kind now live underground in vast cities filled with arcane devices and machinery.  Many things have changed but human nature will always seek ways of preoccupying ones thoughts of reality….to forget ones own worries and to feel better with ones self at another’s suffering. One thing’s for sure….. whether you’re a true human or a mutant, everyone enjoys a good old smash um up on the vid-screens!

Brutal is a stand alone board game that allows you to pit fighters against one another in a up-close-and-personal-combat-system set in a post apocalyptic world. The system is primarily a duelling system although any amount of players can take part which makes it great for tournament play. The game incorporates Action cards which forces players think and play differently than they normally would with other strategy miniature game which brings a refreshing change to miniature gaming.

Looks like the game will be a lot of fun to play – and the minis have a lot of scope for painting and converting. I can see a lot of dioramas using them over the coming year.

True Human: Deflector

I know Klaus has put a lot of time and thought into this product, down to very specific details on the blister packaging.

The Brutal website ( also has a downloads section where you can find a free copy of the rules to get your started, which is pretty cool.

Can’t wait to see some of these painted up close up and ‘in the paint’.


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