Ever fancied having a go at sculpting and wanted someone to show you how? Already confident with the putty, but want to learn more?

Griffin by Natasha-d on Flickr

James (known as Cybersquig on numerous painting forums), over at Griffin Guides is running a Sculpt-a-long via his website, for people of all skills levels to join in, have fun and learn more about sculpting mini figures. There are already 3 articles on getting prepared, including what tools you’ll need.

With a real life job as a teacher, you can be sure that James’ calm approach will be friendly and helpful – and he plans to be on hand to help you out all the way through the project.

Why should you listen to James? Well for starters his Valkia the bloody was a finalist at Games Day UK in large scale this year, and in 2008, he won bronze in the same category with his dwarf.

Bronze - Large scale Golden Demon UK 2008 by James Griffin

Griffin Guides already features articles showing progress on various sculpting and painting projects that he’s working on, particularly for Malice in Wonderland – a gothic-horror re-imagining of the famous tale, in miniature form.

He also works as a freelance sculptor and painter, and I recently had the fortune to paint one of a limited run of castings of his very tiny, Alice v1 model. (For a sense of scale, the base is much smaller than an average 25mm!) She’s since been improved and worked up into Alice v2, as seen in the green below.

Alice v1- sculpted by James Griffin, painted by Boristfrog

Green of Alice v2 by James Griffin

Find out more, and sign up for the sculpt-a-long on his site, Griffin Guides. I think this is a great opportunity to improve or pick up a new skill that will unleash even more creativity in your hobby.

Also check out our other posts on sculpting – What you need to sculpt miniatures, and Really useful sculpting resources.

written by Rebecca Hubbard (boristfrog)


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One Response to “Sculpt-a-long”

  1. James Griffin Says:

    thanks Becky! Yup, anyone of any ability level is welcome, just take the plunge, this is all about getting some practice in and having fun. SI members will also have the opportunity to get a bit of show and tell at the meet in feburary, where I will be on hand to chat about our sculpting related trials and tribulations.
    James (Cybersquig)

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