12 days of Christmas


It’s nearly Christmas, and if you’re not in a festive spirit already, then maybe we can cheer you up – that or send round 3 ghosts tomorrow night to change your mind.

What better than a quick run down of what we’d all love to get in our stockings on Friday morning, including some of the exciting releases of 2009, and some classics as well.

Happy Christmas Everybody by allerleirau on Flickr

Click on each of the images to find out more…now start singing along!

On the 12th day of Christmas Santa gave to me…

12 sided dice

...giant 12 sided die by Brendan Adkins on Flickr

11 lords and heroes

10 tech deck bases

9 piece feasting table

8 zombie doctors

7 British Soldiers

6 sexy ladies

5 strange things

4 sable brushes

3 gladiators

2 Napoleonic

And a copy of Irregular Magazine! (new issue out Jan 10th 2010)

Have a great holiday everyone – see you in the new year!

Happy Christmas from Sheffield Irregulars


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2 Responses to “12 days of Christmas”

  1. sheffieldirregulars Says:

    No problem Keeper – it is a bit of a wishlist though!

  2. Keeper Says:

    Thanks for the creative Christmass blog entry, SI ! 😀

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