Zharregular Progress 1


Meet Vanvlak, he’ll be blogging about his latest army:

One of the great unresolved and irresolvable questions in history is whether my first Chaos Dwarf model was a Lammasu or an Earthshaker. Whichever of these came first it was my wife who had bought it for me 🙂 Following her exemplary lead I added a few Chaos Dwarf warriors and a few Blunderbusses and (huzzah!) Sneaky Gits!

Dice by jaxpix on Flickr

Some months later I had painted one of the big hats, and eventually I (shame) fielded the chaps unpainted. The result was a major loss,  something I excel in – here in Malta (which is where I reside) I was renowned in wargaming society as the best roller of 1s, and fellow gamers used to bring new recruits and hand me pairs of dice and ask me to roll, just to show them the power of one. There were exceptions of course: whenever I had to roll for leadership (which I used to fail even with the much lamented and fondly remembered Crown of Command, which gave the wearer an unmodified leadership of 10); and when I rolled space marine saving throws, which inevitably resulted in flurries of 2s, except for Terminator armour of course.

But I digress. The aim of this – ah – irregular column is to describe my emergence from semi-retirement (from wargaming, that is; due to a career choice which led me down Dante’s own path) (the Italian with laurel leaves, not the red-armoured commander of marines) to create a new army. Being an old far fellow, with a long-neglected set of army books, I plumped for the masters of obsolescence, the Chaos Dwarfs.

This then, is the start of my newest and bravest army, the Zharregulars. It will include some very old classic Chaotic (as opposed to mere Chaos) dwarfs of the Bazooka period (yes, they did have a bazooka-toting team of gunners); several big hats, recently reinforced by an agent in Darlington; and some conversions of more recent stuff, not excluding ogres and gentlemen of a green and not necessarily environmental persuasion.
Onward and westward. Ho. And a happy 2010, the year of the Chaos Dwarf, to all.


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2 Responses to “Zharregular Progress 1”

  1. vanvlak Says:

    Thank you WHGrimace, it will not be entirely conventional, mind you. hope it will still be fun.

  2. warhammergrimace Says:

    Look forward bto reading more on your army.

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