Zharregular Progress 2


We three lists from Zharr-Naggrund are or Mad Hats and Bunticores

Hi, Vanvlak here (one day I have to explain why I use this appellative on modeling-related internet shindigs) from Malta.

For those of you less prone to geography, Malta is the largest of a small collection of islands in the middle of the Mediterranean; and Zharr Naggrund is a Chaos Dwarf Citadel in a dusty region of the Warhammer world. The latter has been blessed with three compilations of unit types within my span of wargaming years (i.e. since April 1994).

The first I encountered was the Chaos Dwarf Warhammer supplement based on White Dwarf articles. This was of course the Famous Big Book of Big Hats (no, the Mad Hatter does not come into this – well, no, to be perfectly honest he does, but that comes later).

In later years and an edition or two of Warhammer down the road, the Ravening Hordes booklet appeared with proviso army lists for all races. The CDs were included right at the very end – huzzah nonetheless. And then the snaggletooths vanished. Gone were the big hats, gone too were the blunderbusses.

In spite of a cameo in the Storm of Chaos Campaign many summers past, our little chaotic friends still have no current army book. Their mighty legions of fans came to the rescue in the end, and an up-to-date if unofficial army book lives in virtual form online.

The big question facing a pursuivant of these splendid little fellows is, naturally: which list to use?

  • The old army book is out of date and only obtainable second hand (yes, I own a copy, gloat, gloat).
  • The Ravening Hordes list is of minimalist persuasion.
  • The downloadable book is impressive, but unofficial – not that that stops one from having fun with the big hats, but it does leave them outside official tournaments.

To this Maltese gamer (who hasn’t played a game in 2 years, admittedly – the cruel rolls of the dice of life have wracked my soul with – oh forget it, long story this 🙂 ) the choice is obvious: use bits of all three and add some extra stuff of my own liking! The latter would include a few allies and friends and relations of the Chaos Dwarfs. I am also planning to use something I call a Bunticore.

The frabjuous Bunticore.

A Bunticore is a mythological beastie obtained either by crossing a manticore and a bull (no, not a bunny rabbit), or by having pals in the UK who occasionally send you some modelling odds and ends in big strong cardboard boxes.

One such box contained the cast and crew of some defunct dungeonny game, and included a pile of dyspeptic skeletons and a sad manticore, a rather ugly model. I modified the poor beast by adding a 40mm x 40mm base, a pair of horns (adorning it with bull parentage and thus a tenuous link to Chaos Dwarfs) and a flickering tongue (the old one looked like a Havana cigar).

One black-and-dry later (note to readers: one of my favourite i.e. fast painting schemes involves a black basecoat and a variety of dry-brushed colours) the beast is ready to join the troops, which currently means one dwarf on the study shelf and another two missing in action. This implied a naming ceremony, which after some deliberation resulted in the appellation of Bunticore, or Bunty for short.

Now just what does Bunty have to do with Chaos Dwarfs?

I have already explained the horns, but would any of the three lists include such a monstrosity? Or can this only be explained away as an Alice-themed army, with loads of short little hatters (with halberds) (there see, this is the reference to the Mad Hatter I had referred to above: consistency, thy name is Vanvlak) and a Jabberwocky-ridiculous monster? Happily I do not have to resort to such convoluted reasoning (could be interesting, though, must take note of this idea…).

The original army book, in common with most others from the period, included a wide bevy of monsters, and one of these is the manticore. My Chaos Dwarfs can thus field a 200-point manticore answering to the name of Bunty in any Warhammer game devoid of strictness. That is, if the base is of the correct size…..and oh heck, no wings!

And that (no, not the base or the lack of wings, but the inclusion of this beastie) is significant. My choice of Chaos Dwarfs as an army project might seem bizarre, but I still like them for the same reason they had grabbed my attention so many years ago:

  • they have short tough people with funny hats
  • they have war machines; they have magic
  • and they have monsters.

No other army in Warhammer boasts this much variety, and although one might think it cheesy, I still find it somehow all fits in. I love a spot of variety (inconsistency, thy name is Vanvlak too), and these fellows are like a Mahler symphony (Mr Gustav Mahler liked to include lots of bits of orchestras – note the plural – and choirs and odd instruments in his music, and you even get cow bells!), lots of different odds and ends working together under the whip of the slaver conductor.

Next session I will consider priorities: army plans and…. scenery!

Happy New Year to all from Malta.


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3 Responses to “Zharregular Progress 2”

  1. Reseller Hosting Says:

    Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  2. Moriarty Says:

    Hi V,

    so this is what you’re doing when you should be working, eh?

    Keep up the painting, and remember to post the pics.


  3. warhammergrimace Says:

    A chaos mad bunny sounds like it might be fun, LOL

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