Zharregular Progress 3


A Grand Hegemony with Pyramids and a Berserker

Hi all, Vanvlak here again with instalment no. 3 of my quest for a Chaos Dwarf army. It is now high time to take stock of the models I have available, and start working on army selection. With this aim in mind I should:

  1. decide which army list from the three available (see Zharregulars #2) to use
  2. check which models I have available and which to buy
  3. select a theme
  4. compile an army list
  5. start painting

In practice, this will not work out, and I will pedantically (go on, make a coffee and take a seat) explain why, point by point.

Chaos Bighat Dwarf no.1.

1) decide which army list from the three available to use

Well this one is easy: both.

The difficult bit is explaining how to use both out of three.

First of all, the Ravening Hordes list is practically a simplified and updated (but not current) version of the old army book. I can therefore ignore it, and base my list on the independently-produced non-GW army book, looking back to the old book for reference, flavour, and extra add-ons such as the Bunticore (counts as Manticore).

As I will not be taking part in any tournament with these, use of an unofficial list is irrelevant, as long as I find opponents who do not object; and as I am a gift to anyone willing to increase their gaming wins tally (I twice lost to utter beginners I was playing demo games with; number of demo games ever played: two) this too will not be a problem. So far so good.

2) check which models I have available and which to buy

Ah yes, here’s where it gets sticky. The buying bit is easy: I have a pile of boxes of models to paint, and very little storage space, so no buying (sob!) is planned. As I can rustle up 2,000-2,500 points of Chaos Dwarfs (with some help from the Orcs and Gobbos) this is no problem.

The trouble lies in locating the Chaos Dwarfs, dispersed in several boxes in and around the pile. My logic-based storage system resulted in digging up a Chimera box which contained Chaos Terminators, Khorne Berzerkers, Eldar, bits of scenery and a dozen Chaos Dwarfs. With this sort of organization I will have to go through all the boxes. Happily, a good bit of early spring cleaning was in order, and so far I have dug out of hiding 24 Chaos Dwarfs (big hats), half a dozen of the old and really Chaotic Dwarfs, a dozen or so big-hatless conversions, and some artillery. Not too bad. I’m still missing my Hobgoblins (especially the Sneaky Gits who have sneaked away into some comfortable hole) and my Blunderbusses – oh, and the Lammasu. Meanwhile, temptation has led me up strange paths, and I am also working on a gnoblar, a sister of battle, a very big Orc with a whip, five Epic scale tanks and a Khorne Berserker. The Khorne berserker was a second hand job, obtained from one of my several contributors to the pile o’ stuff, and all he needed were some touch ups, a back pack, a base, a wash and a drybrush. He now lives in the display cabinet, and is an example of the distractions which always drive me away from my targeted army.

Given the number of potential distractions and the time it will take to dig out all the Chaos Dwarfs, this project will progress at geological speeds.

3) Select a theme

I have this vision of a Chaos dwarf army without greenskins or monsters, including only foot troops in vast numbers (with a full regimental band!), bristling with blunderbusses, with a light sprinkle of artillery.

My numbers of Chaos Dwarfs and musicians are too few to permit this, so the sprinkle of artillery will be accompanied by three or four regiments of CD, hobgoblins, orcs, goblins, assorted slaves and lots and lots of allies: independent or mercenary Black Orcs; Chaos Marauders; Dark Elf renegades; Skaven embassies; Dogs of War; Night and Forest goblins. Their favourite enemies will include the Empire, Lizardmen, and (closer to home) my beloved (if still unpainted) Khemrian army. To help set the scene (nothing better than a dash of scenery to poke the embers of interest) providence has sent me three small plastic pyramids – or rather, tetrahedra – used as packaging, and as they look like mysterious monuments, they’ve been enrolled. Opportunity is a cherished friend.


More next week!

Cheers all.



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2 Responses to “Zharregular Progress 3”

  1. vanvlak Says:

    Coming up 🙂
    I didn’t want too long a post.

  2. Dysartes Says:

    What happened to your last two points, John? 😉

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