Issue 3 / Winter ’10


It’s been a very busy week for the Irregular Magazine team – the new issue is out now.

At 106 pages, it’s the biggest issue to date – and that includes a free campaign supplement, ‘The Living Dead” by Taylor Holloway at the back.

This undead themed issue has a top notch cover with artwork by Ricardo Guimaraes and the layout by Matthew Mella, and continuing the great art theme, issue 3 includes the first instalment of a brand new comic – Tuk Tuk.

If you wondered about the teaser art in issue 2, you can set your mind to rest. Tuk Tuk, has been created by Will Kirkby especially for Irregular Magazine and he’s done an excellent job.

Now for articles, this bumper issue is packed with painting and gaming content, with tutorials from SI’s very own Ed Nicholson and Jonathan Shaw, a creepy short story, an interesting read on gender equality in zombies (!) as well as RPG, wargames and even CCG articles.

There are 3 interviews this time around; painting legend – Victoria Lamb; sculptor – Bob Naismith; and the man behind WaMP – Brett Johnson.

Plus there’s a great painting competition to enter with prizes donated by Mantic Games – and an exclusive web competition with Mantic Games as well.

Make sure you visit: today and download your FREE copy, and whilst you’re at it check out the updated website design.

It’s worth remembering that Irregular Magazine is made is people’s spare time, by contributors from around the world – and all for free! Everyone donates their content and their time for the project so that the end result can be distributed for free.

It’s a community project and if you want to get involved, the team would love to hear from you – email:


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