Feedback for Silent Night


The polls have closed and the votes are being counted.

Big thanks to everyone who took the time to vote and comment – a great turn out for the voting once again. There were a few of you who forgot to confirm your vote by writing on the FB event wall, or commenting on this site – and I’m afraid your votes will not be counted.

The theme for the December painting challenge was: Silent Night and despite there not being many entries this time around, there was a lot of creativity in the submissions, and with montage photos from all the entrants it’s been good to see the minis from multiple angles.


We’ve grabbed the comments from the database, so those of you who entered can see your feedback.
Our  strict ‘no meanness’ policy means that comments should be encouraging, or helpful, or questioning. It’s always interesting to see the variety of opinions and reactions to each piece, any offensive comments will always be removed.

If you have an issue with any of the feedback, please let me know.

Small note – the titles for the models are not necessarily those given by the artists – I have picked them as descriptive to help make the voting form easier to fill in!

Entry A: Silent Knight

  • i like this mini coz it’s cool converted, and nicely painted…
  • Nice mini!
  • Nice play on words with “Silent Knight”. Nice overall darkened paint work… looks like moonlight reflected on the dark armour
  • Love the Snow on the Wall and Toes of his boots Great Touch
  • The base really makes this entry work.  Nice job on the snow and the rubble.  I like how the snow overlaps the knight’s boot, giving the effect that he’s (she’s?) trudging through the snow and helping set the mood.  Surprisingly, this entry is the only one that plays on the Christmas carol connection, so kudos for that.
  • It is not a luminous miniature, lacking him anything of contrast. But I like the effect of the snow.
  • Dark and brooding, with dulled down colours that really suit the “silent” theme. This is a good take on the challenge. Good Job.
  • Very well done, I love how it looks like snowy  sort of area, and it looks like he would fit there.
  • Nicely done, great idea, could do with more highlights.
  • good use of snow to anchor the figure to the scene. the subtle colour blending raised the painting standard and gave an excellent style
  • Good conversion, nicely painted.
  • hard to separate from the other 2 entries in terms of thematic interpretation; the ‘eye-popping’ factor nudges it in front 😉
  • It took me a while to work out just what the main character is. To me, it looks like a cross between a WH40k space marine and the Black Night from Monty Python. A good paint job, though.
  • Very ominous look to it. The colors were just a little too dulled for me. I feel that a little bit more highlighting would have brought out more details. Overall very nice!
  • I like the silencer (or what I believe to be a silencer) on the end of the bolt pistol, ties it into the SILENT aspect of the theme. Overall the mini is very well painted. Solid 8/10 in both respects. Dont have any critisim as such, just on a personal note the model’s detail seems a bit washed out, but its still better than anything I could have done.
  • I like this alot, its a good theme and is a play on words as well. However, I feel the knight is a little dark in colour scheme, is he chaos? Or maybe the painter is trying to capture the theme of light that is produced by a snow swept woodlands enviroment. I love the Eldar casualty propped up against the stone wall. I cannot offer to much criticism, as i’d be struggling to produce what this painter has done. I love it.  Well done. = )
  • I wish there had been less snow on the accompanying figure so I could have appreciated the attention to detail more…
  • I really like this chap. He’s really got a good toned down winter’s night feel and I love the dead Eldar on his base! 🙂 Great work!
  • Great idea, love the moody atmosphere

Entry B:  Okko Ninja

  • Lively base
  • Toned down colours on the ninja look great and give a nice “night” feel – complimented, of course, by the “silence” of the ninja! And even the highlight on the sword gives a nice impression of moonlight!  Excellent work!!
  • The way the character was placed in its setting lent a great deal to the overall impact.. what a great way combination!
  • I like the base on this model as well as the sense of motion, however I feel that more highlighting is needed. Its good, but I think highlighting will allow the model to standout more, when I look at this model (for me) I am more drawn to the colours on the base, rather than the model. I like it but.
  • YEY NINJA!! Always a 10 for theme (but I gave it a 9, see below), Ninja’s rock. Only thing I would point out is the Green base really detracts from an otherwise nice paint job. had it been back it would have tied into the theme a bit more as well as add some style points.
  • Reminds me of Tenchu!
    I think that there could be a little more color in his outfit, feels a little bland to me. I really like the base and sword.
  • Yep, Ninja’s definitely fall into the ‘silent’ category. Although I have my doubts about the brown robes. Call me traditional, but I thought Ninjas always wore black.
  • every bit as thematic as the ninja-goblin, and nicely executed too; not as witty tho 😉
  • good painting,
  • Stealthy like a ninja ^_^
  • A good idea with nice basing and a well painted figure.
  • I am charmed with the ninja, but the range of color not me convecce, and the this pedestal very well within and the edge this one a bit rarely(strange) without working.
  • I like the color gradation on the blade.  Some front-lighting on the second photo would help a lot to see it better.
  • Sword looks great. Base is awesome, ninjas kick so my ass they don’t need cover to kill you.
    My only critique is that the colours used for layering could be more closely matched.
  • the base looks great. nice colouring on the katana/sword.
  • This is a really cool miniature, and I think it brings the theme out very well.

Entry C: Ninja Goblin

  • This is really cool!
  • Wasn’t sure what to think about the base but the model itself is pretty cool. The mouth covering is a nice pun on “Silent”.
  • Nice tiles – these provide some splendid contrast!
  • A silent night goblin. Well played! Excellent all round, base painting could be a little tidier. Great entry!
  • At least for a second I could TRY and think of it as a one of Santas Elfs helping to scout the Area… But the Tennessee Volunteers Flooring … TOO MUCH LOL…
  • I like the extra effort given to the trim design on the clothing — those tiny triangles are hard to pull off!  Same for the floor tile.
  • Wadding, but meeting to being absent a bit of contrast of clear dark, probably giving him a green alive(vivacious) mas in the skin also.
  • awesome conversion, this is a seamless model!
  • Awesome looking model and well coloured but I’m not so sure about the base as it puts me more in mind of saturday night fever than a stealthy assassin sneaking around. All the same, a very impressive piece of work.
  • Tiny, fast, and….green.  Truly a force to be reckoned with .
  • Nicely painted, well done.
  • good painting
  • humourous entry with a witty take on the theme and some well-executed detail work 😉
  • I like this one – a very different ‘take’ on the Ninja theme. I like the paint job, especially the decorative triangles on the borders of the robe. I’d hate to try running (or even walking) in those shoes, too!
  • This piece is just hilarious!
  • Another Ninja 🙂 love Ninja’s. Again with Ninja’s popular background being night assassins this is a great choice and fits the theme. I cant fault the paint job at all really, the floor is colourfull enough to show the darkness of the ninja, probably my favourite out the 3 but there are 3 really good entries.
  • Hahah an Ninja Goblin? Clearly the Skaven are not the only ones to have assasins! I like how the details have been picked out, such as the white trianlges as well as the toe nails. It seems to me but that the eyes lack details, you’ve done the toes and hands, I think the eyes need picking out as well. This will drawn more attention to the top half of the model too. The model’s colours are clean and enjoyable to look at. You’ve even made him traditional clogs! Nice job.
  • I think if the colours had been more fluid between the base and the figurine the figure could have been less distracted from by the base… this would be great considering the amount of attention to detail that went into the figure…
  • Very nice work on the goblin.  He’s got the ninja silence, but I’m not feeling the night part quite so much. Details are excellent, but the skin is a little flat and would benefit from an extra layer of highlight.

So that’s the feedback – the votes will now be counted and posted shortly.


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