Results for Silent Night


The winner of this month’s Merit Award will now be revealed…

The scoring works like this: voters mark each entry (except their own) out of 10 for theme  (Silent Night) and style. These scores are added together and divided by the number of voters to create a total, average score. The highest score wins the Merit Award trophy, sponsored by Jonathan Shaw of BMF painting.

In reverse order, here are the results:

  • Entry B: Okko Ninja      13.45   (3rd)
  • Entry C: Ninja Goblin    13.76   (2nd)
  • Entry A: Silent Knight   15.04    (1st)

So the winner of the December painting challenge is Liam Tondeur with his Silent Knight entry. Congratulations to Liam! Get in touch with your details and the Merit Award trophy will be winging it’s way to you shortly.

Entry A, winner of the December 09 Painting Challenge

Thank you to everyone who entered, and to those that voted. Some fantastic entries, great work all of you.

Below are the breakdowns for scores for theme and style.

Theme, in reverse order:

  • Entry C: Ninja Goblin    6.66
  • Entry B: Okko Ninja      6.83
  • Entry A: Silent Knight   7.30

Style, in reverse order:

  • Entry B: Okko Ninja    6.61
  • Entry C: Ninja Goblin  7.09
  • Entry A: Silent Knight   7.73

The February Painting Challenge starts on Monday February 1st – and the theme is Duel. Why not use the next couple of weeks to get your entry planned and ready to paint before the challenge begins?


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