Zharregular Progress 4


A troll named Douglas

Hi all, Vanvlak calling.  Today I will try to conclude the list of tasks I started last report: this was the to-do list leading up to the start of work on the models themselves. This is slightly anachronistic, as I have already started work on a couple of the small ones with big hats, but real army-painting production scale work has not yet started.

4) Compile an army list

This is a toughie! I had settled on using a blend of the old Chaos Dwarf army book list, and the independently-produced new list; the problem is I’m enjoying a sort of free-range modelling approach rather than battery-laying one chaos dwarf after another. This means that there will be a very liberal sprinkling of allies. This should allow me to indulge in my preference for variety, which is admittedly an apologist’s approach to procrastination.

Last week I started sorting through my pile o’boxes of wargaming stuff to dig out a few Chaos Dwarfs to start the project. This was camouflaged as a brave attempt to clear the mess under the staircase, which is where unemployed orcs and other races vegetate until they are dragged out slottabase first to be assembled and painted.

This did not go well.

Although the trawl produced a small pile of plastic chaos dwarfs with big axes and bigger hats, it also resulted in my painting surface being swamped by:

  • A Sister of Battle
  • An Orc boss
  • An Ork Weirdboy
  • A troll named on the spur of the moment Douglas
  • A gnoblar
  • A  saurus
  • An old small plastic dragon
  • A couple more Berserkers (the first one had been painted last week)
  • A few Delaque gangers from Necromunda which are spilling over into my Imperial Guard
  • A Dark Elder Incubus
  • A Warmachine lancer
  • Epic scale ruins
  • Eleven Space Wolves and what might become an Iron Priest
  • A Blood Angel-in-the-making
  • Five Epic-scale Imperial tanks
  • And a single chaos dwarf from the old Marauder Miniatures range – VERY old school!

As you may gather, I have a very short attention span. It is in fact the aim of this bloggery to keep myself on track as regards painting stuff for a semi-coherent army of sorts. Regrettably, only six of the above-listed models fit in (or can be hammered in) my rather wide-ranging list of Chaos Dwarfs and friends. Can you guess which? I’ll start you out by saying that Douglas is one of them – yes, my open views on friend, allies and relations includes trolls along with allied or mercenary Orcs. Now where did I put those beastmen?

I will not prepare a list – for now. I will start painting stuff, hopefully related to the CD army, on a first come first serve basis, with lots of variety for the sake of – ah – variety. To further pepper my palette, I have also come up with a list of Favourite Enemies, and these will be my Talabacland Empire troops, my Dogs of War (except for those helping the CDs!), my Lizardmen and my Wood Elves, who are more sinister than the Chaos Dwarfs themselves. I am currently debating the nature of my Kehemrians, and whether they should be allies of the hats or rivals in a desert rivalry. Don’t wait up for a decision.

5) Start painting

Ah well, been there, done that, bought the paint brushes and pots – yes, it was time for a re-supply.

Meanwhile my most recently-painted dwarf (seen in the last issue of ZiP Zharregular Progress; yes, I know there is no ‘i’, but that goes for Irregular, mine host and also a good adjective to apply to my output) has wandered off to an animal shelter and is thinking of adopting the puppies seen in the pic.

Cheers, all,



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