New Themes Announced


Thank you all for voting on the painting challenge theme suggestions.

The results are as follows, in reverse order:

  • Sleep – 2%
  • Left to die – 5 %
  • Water, water everywhere – 5%
  • Rest and repair – 7%
  • Run away – 12%
  • Weird science – 14%

And the top 3:

  • Gunslinger – 16% Theme for April
  • Road warrior – 19% Theme for May
  • Alien skin – 19% Theme for June

So, we know have the painting challenge themes for February through to June, so there’s plenty of time to plan ahead and prepare your entries.

It’s within the rules to build and prepare – and even prime your entries before the start of each challenge. You just can’t paint them until the correct month!

Simple really!

Here’s a recap of the painting challenges coming up this year so far:

  • Monday 1st Feb, the theme is Duel, deadline Sunday 28th Feb
  • Monday 1st March, the theme is After the battle
  • Thursday 1st April, the theme is Gunslinger
  • Saturday 1st May, the theme is Road warrior
  • Tuesday 1st June, the theme is Alien Skin

Find out how to enter a painting challenge by reading our simple guide.

The winner of each challenge will receive the highly sort after Merit Award trophy, sponsored by Jonathan Shaw of BMF painting.


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