Duel: Enter now


The February painting challenge theme has been duel – and the deadline for entries is today (Sunday 28th Feb).

Plastic Toy Soldiers Experiment: Duelling Generals by modowd on Flickr

If you’re all finished – post a link to a photo of your piece in the comments below – making sure to let us know who you are. You have until 6pm tonight to post your entries, then the voting will be set up.

A copy will be taken of your photo – and a letter will be added to it, then a voting form will be set up. Members comment on each entry, awarding points out of 10 for how well it suits the theme (Duel) and up to 10 points for style.

Remember – each challenge is a chance to personally push yourself – to try something new. Feedback from group members is given so you don’t work in a vacuum, to get an idea of what other’s think of your work – often this is quite varied. A lot of people leave helpful tips, showing you where – and how, you can improve your painting.

Most importantly – it’s fun!

The results of the feedback will be displayed on this site, so you can see the comments your entry received (it’s anonymous), and what score you tallied.

The person with the highest score will be sent a Merit Award trophy. Jonathan Shaw, of BMF painting covers the cost of the trophy and the postage.

Next challenge theme: After the Battle

The March challenge starts tomorrow  – Monday March 1st. You need to paint the mini during March to be able to enter it.

The theme is: After the Battle, so there’s lots of scope for narrative in your piece.


2 Responses to “Duel: Enter now”

  1. sheffieldirregulars Says:

    Excellent! – Two members left their entry details on the Facebook group, so we have a total of 3 entries for this month’s challenge.
    Despite being very popular at the start of the month – this one seems to have taken it’s toll a bit, and a lot of entries have not been finished in time.

  2. Mark Stanton Says:

    Duel: Ninja vs nightmare
    The models are Anima Tactics Frey and Okko Miniatures Ninja Aprentice

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