Duel: The vote


The entries are in, and it looks like many hopefuls fell by the wayside this month, with only 3 entries submitted.

These entries are all shown below, and are ready for you to comment and review (remembering our ‘no meanness’ policy of course).

Feel like you missed out? Not to worry, the March painting challenge kicks off today, and the theme is: After the Battle.

Onto the Feb entries, the theme for this challenge was Duel, so we are looking for a fight!

Please look at all the entries below, then use the link to the voting form to indicate how well each one meets the theme and how you rate the style. Leave some helpful & friendly comments/feedback as well if you like.

Click on an entry to see a larger view (remember to see them all A-C).

Ready to vote?

Use this form to leave your scores and comments anonymously – and when you’re finished, leave a comment here to confirm your vote.

Unconfirmed votes will not be counted. Voting is open for 1 week. *Voting has now closed, and the votes are being tallied*

(Lots of you forgot to add a comment to this page to confirm your vote, you’ll be let off the hook just this once!)


9 Responses to “Duel: The vote”

  1. tedward81 Says:


  2. Robert Hodder Says:


  3. Krystian "Destroid" Krawczynski Says:


  4. estuvel Says:

    voted. would’ve liked to finish my entry, but weather and coursework teamed up to ensure that I couldn’t…

  5. Josh Says:


  6. mark stanton Says:


  7. Ian Newbold Says:

    It was a shame that there were only three entries but it was good that they were so varied. Thanks to the entrants for giving us all something to enjoy. Congratulations to whoever wins and commiserations to the losers (get even in March!). πŸ™‚

  8. JMcL63 Says:

    Voting: done! πŸ˜‰

  9. Dave B Says:

    Votes cast. Well done to the other two entries. Very nice duels! πŸ˜€

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