Basic Terrain: Introduction


A while ago, I volunteered to write a few articles about making your own terrain for your gaming table. I’ve been a little busy with some things recently (damn you real life!!), but have managed to clear my schedule so I can start getting these articles written.

Over the coming weeks and months, I will be publishing an irregular series of guides, showing you how to make different terrain pieces for your games. These will range from some basic hills through to creating road and river sections (and a whole lot more inbetween).

Now, I realise there are quite a few guides covering things like this on the internet, but I’m going to tackle this as a gamer on a budget….a very small one. Most of the materials I use, you should be able to beg,borrow or steal. Even if you have to go buy some bits, they should be very cheap to pick up (in fact I think the most expensive things may quite well be paint and glue!).

The first article will be coming soon and will cover making your own hills. So stay tuned people!


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