Duel: The Feedback


The voting has finished, and the results are being tallied for the February painting challenge : Duel.

Below are the friendly and helpful comments left by members who voted. It’s always interesting to find out how different people react to a piece, and with three very different pieces entered this month, it’s revealing to see the comments!

The world's smallest wargame

Entry A: The world's smallest wargame (6mm scale from Baccus)

  • I don’t know what scale the miniatures are, but they look pretty small. An interesting take on the theme, though.
  • I really liked the twist on the duel theme…bravo!
  • An original take on the subject of a duel.
  • Nice idea
  • A creative and refreshing interpretation of the theme.
  • The scale looks very difficult/tiny to do large amounts of detail but it looks good; I like the red.
  • Good concept, could have been tidier, sharper, but alll over good theme!
  • Its a little hard to make out the finer details from the quality of the photo. You might want to try better lighting next time, and maybe a few different angles?
  • That’s really small. I actually lost my copy of this it was so small.
  • A nifty interpretation of the theme: my 2nd favourite in fact. I feel it would’ve been a better piece if there’d been more dynamism in the composition; eg. one figure leaning over/into the board; the other reacting somehow.
  • its a nice idear and the painting for such a small model is of a good standard
Entry B: Victorian Bare Knuckle Boxers

Entry B: Victorian Bare Knuckle Boxers (28mm minis from Foundry)

  • high standard of painting and a nice setting
  • Excellent piece overall. Fits the theme perfectly, although it is a touch on the drab side.  A couple of bits could have been brighter to make the scene pop a bit more – like the bottle of the guy outside the ring could have been green glass, for example.
  • A great choice! I like the cutaway ring; dunno why, other than the full ring would’ve made the piece less ‘intimate’. My choice for the winner.
  • excellent duel, very dynamic and well painted.
  • Nice colouring with the boots & ring rope… very well done. I think the bald guy is going to get cracked in the chin though 🙂
  • Great idea for the theme.  Very characterful diorama.
  • I like it
  • Really nice idea, and the minis do look like they’re facing up to each other.
Entry C: Ninja vs Nightmare

Entry C: Ninja vs Nightmare (28mm minis from Anima Tactics and Okko)

  • A more conventional take on the theme. Nicely done, but as a vignette looks a little sparse.
  • I like it
  • Looks pretty cool with the “floating” effect in the backround character
  • good theme, dynamic duel. bases on a base (not integrated into the display) detract from the over all feel and basing itself could be more full, textured and finished – Otherwise well painted and nicley executed
  • These are nicely done, but I think the base is too big. It would have been  better to have placed them on a smaller base, much closer together.
  • Nice minis in a good composition. The idea of a 3rd element was a good one; unfortunately the barrels just look out of place- the wrong piece to execute the idea IMO.
  • The minis look nice, but the photo lets this entry down a little because I want to see more of the minis! 🙂  Nicely balance duel, though! 😀

So those are the comments, but what about the results? They’ll be posted in the next day or so…


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