After the Battle: Feedback


The March painting challenge theme was: After the battle, for which we had three fantastic entries that you’ve been voting on. It’s great to see a scenery piece included in the entries – which goes to show that ANY model is suitable for our challenges. We also accept ANY scale and from ANY manufacturer!

Below you’ll find the feedback that was provided by other members for each of the entries. Results will follow soon.

We appreciate that members only leave helpful and friendly comments, so if you feel that any comment was too harsh please get in touch. If you’re comment is not included below it was considered unsuitable.

Remember, everyone sees a model differently and that will be reflected in the feedback.

Entry A: Blood Claws Wolf after a glorious battle

Entry A: Blood Claws Wolf

  • Nice job. i like the dark grey really love the color choices. Nice details. Love the face, expecially the little animalistic features also i like the helmet on the floor. (like he took it off in the heat of battle). And absolutely love that tastle of hair he got.
  • There’s nothing to really suggest whether this is before, after or even during a battle really. Nice paintwork though.
  • Solid entry but doesn’t scream “After the battle” to me, looks like he is about to charge into battle. Well painted but the mould lines ruin the finished mini.
  • I love his pose!
  • nicely painted mini, but cant really see anything to do with after the battle theme! just a painted mini ! nice job though.
  • Could have used a better photo – picture does not display model at it’s best. Good standard of painting, but perhaps not the best model for this theme.
  • The model looks great, but maybe a different picture with a more clear view would have been nicer so I could have seen all of the detail.
  • Great choice of model, can almost here the howl once all the foes have been defeated! Could have been a bit neater with sharper highlighting for me, base is great though!
  • Cool stance with the Roar and dual axes
  • Blooded hands and not blooded arms drew my eyes
  • Themewise, the subject fits “charging into battle” or “in the midst of battle”, as much as “after the battle”.  There wasn’t much to distinguish it for “after the battle”.
    Stylewise, there looks like a lot of attention to detail, but the photography is blurry, so it’s hard to appreciate some of thought and work that went into the model.

Entry B: Dark Age Warrior

Entry B:  Dark Age Warrior

  • Nothing says victory like a celebratory decapitation!  ;-).
    I was pleased to see a simpler miniature selected for the subject. This single mini carries a lot of story, but it left me wanting more.  I sure would have liked to have seen a little more environment, maybe a mini diorama.  Not much, just some surrounding terrain with some battle litter, maybe a casualty.
  • Nice tone and colouring with the handle of the axe Base is nice and adds to the piece
  • A pleasant change from all the WH40K stuff.
  • Another good model choice.  The base nicely suggests the detritus of battle, and the generally muted tones mean the battle axe stands out.  Maybe some stronger highlights, but it could just be me 😉
  • Painting of highest standard, with attention to many subtle shadings and shadows. Also, the choice of model most appropriate to the theme.
  • nicely painted mini, subtle shades look really cool, feel sorry for the bloke with no body!! 🙂
  • Definitely feels like the battle is won. Good entry with consistent paint work. The base is impressive also.
  • Again not much to suggest “after the battle”.
  • I won’t say how perfect & beautiful this figure is… so that. But you still mast work with the skin colour scheme… but you really brought out the facial expression well. The axe is a nice touch!

Entry C: After the battle

Entry C: After the Battle

  • Simply THE BEST! Breathtaking… sad place but look BEAUTIFUL! vell done!
  • Very nice entry with nice detailing and just screams “after the battle to me”. The clear winner in my eyes.
  • Tastefully finished and gives a great sense of a battle long since fought. Weathering and rust effects are something you should be proud of.
  • This has lots of character to it.
  • man i loved this piece it blows mine out of the water WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • epic after the battle entry, the tank is extremly well painted, exellent. only gripe would be its lacking a couple of bodies 🙂
  • looking good!! needed a few lost battle brothers tho.
  • Very Cool
  • From the photographs, it could be before, during or after the battle. Subtle details lost due to the scale of the photo. Good standard of paintwork.
  • Great scenery, I would love it on my gaming table! Only thing I feel about it is that it looks like something long long long after the battle. Great piece nevertheless~!
  • Can I say wow?  Unusual choice doing a scenery piece but an very good one.   Excellent work on the rhino, it draws the eye and the blending around the battle damage is very convincing.
  • A good entry, but I can’t help be annoyed by the inconsistencies in the terrain – the tank is buried in what looks like mud, but the craters have slabs of solid rock around the rims.
  • Very well done “Slightly rusted” looks very realistic as do the bullet holes & damage marks
  • I was surprised that there were no minis at first, and then i realized that the absence of minis lent to the atmosphere of the piece.  I like the battle damage and weathering work. Nice terrain piece — I want one!

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