Speed painting at Triples


Huge thanks to everyone who stopped by the speed painting tables over the weekend, and to all the SI members who helped make the weekend a success.

Ian took some great photos that show how great the new venue (English Institute of Sport) was.

Large hall, Photo by Ian Goadsby

The 30 minute deadline and 40mm figure from Old Glory seemed to be a good combination, as it brought out some real talent and looks of sheer concentration in each of the six sessions. The winner of each session got a medal, and the best entry of each day took home the Old Glory Speed Painting Trophy.

Saturday's overall winner, Photo by Ian Goadsby

Sunday's overall winner, Photo by Ian Goadsby

Old Glory Speed Painting Trophy, Photo by Ian Goadsby

Once again the SI stand was looking good and a great turnout of members meant that it was never left short handed, so there was always someone to talk to about painting, or to help set up a basing demo.

Irregular Magazine also proved popular, with some printed display versions allowing visitors a chance to see what the magazine was like before heading home and downloading it for themselves.

We ended up in a different location on each day – neither of which had been the planned venue for SI, but it turned out to be fine, and being in the large hall on the Sunday meant that it was extra lively.

Speed painting and SI members, Photo by Ian Goadsby

Speed painting, Photo by Ian Goadsby

Display table, Photo by Ian Goadsby

Although we got caught up with brushes and paints as usual there were a lot of friendly traders, re-enactors and medieval combatsmen to make the weekend very enjoyable.

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One Response to “Speed painting at Triples”

  1. Marinergrim Says:

    I’d like to thank the Irregulars for hosting this challenge. I found it surprisingly enjoyable and good fun.

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